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Layla El Would Like To Reunite LayCool With Michelle McCool

April 22, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Layla Michelle McCool Laycool

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Layla El spoke about the possibility of a LayCool reunion with Michelle McCool, saying that she would like to do it. Here are highlights:

On working with Michelle McCool as LayCool: “I love Michelle. I would love to do a reunion for her and get back together for a signing maybe in Texas next year since that is where she lives. . Who knows. I would love to reunite. Even if it’s for one day. I’m hoping and assuming a lot of people want to see us back together for at least an autograph signing. I will always be complimentary to Michelle. I will always admire her and respect her. She helped me so much. There wouldn’t be LayCool without her. She took the time to help me out. Fit Finlay was also a huge part of it. But Michelle and I are bonded for life. No matter what happens, we are bonded for life. It was two-and-a-half years.”

On reuniting with Kaitlyn: “When we embraced, we had that bond. We share something that we experienced together. Seeing Brooke [Adams] the other day too. I haven’t seen her in 10,12 years. It was nice to catch up. By doing these appearances I’m going to catch up with them. Maybe not everyone, but I’m able to do my rounds.”

On writing a memoir: “I’m such a perfectionist. Do I want to share this or that? I’m being a little timid, but I really want to write this book. It’s not just about wrestling or a hate book or anything like that. It’s just my life story. How I was all the way in London, Morocco and ended up being in America working for the biggest wrestling company in the world. I want to share the journey and some stuff backstage, good things, bad things, give people an idea of what I experienced. When I was working with WWE, and for you guys, what it was like in the Diva’s era. And what I had to go through and experience that made us stronger and tougher.”

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