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Leighty’s 205 Live Review 7.10.20

July 10, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s 205 Live Review 7.10.20  

-Back at it again with another episode of 205 Live. The show should get some more purpose now as Santos Escobar has shown up with the CW Title. I believe he is even in action tonight. Let’s get to it!

-Commentary Team: Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Mansoor vs. Tehuti Miles

-This is Mansoor’s first appearance in some time and all I remember watching was the very good match he had with Cesaro. Byron brings up that Miles has been competing nearly every week and there may be rust on Mansoor. Slow start as both men are cautious. Miles throws out a few leg kicks to keep distance, but Mansoor is able to get a take down. Miles avoid a second one and sends Mansoor to the mat. They trade headlocks until Mansoor gets the advantage. Leapfrog from Miles and he gets a trip that seemingly embarrasses Mansoor. He charges and gets caught with another headlock. He fights back with a hiptoss and then sends Miles to the floor. Back inside Tehuti sweeps the leg and gets a catapult under the bottom rope. Miles lands some strikes and chokes on the middle rope. He drapes a leg over Mansoor as he hangs on the ropes and gets a two count from that. Miles talks some trash while laying in some right hands. He cuts off a comeback with a knee to the gut and follows with a reverse neckbreaker for two. Miles connects with another reverse neckbreaker for two and then hooks in a reverse chinlock. Mansoor battles back and uses leverage to send Miles to the floor to create space. Miles is right back on him, but gets rolled up for a two count. Mansoor is now firing back with a trip and then an inverted atomic drop into a spinebuster. They fight on the apron and Mansoor gets a springboard into a neckbreaker of his own for two. Mansoor works the back a bit and heads up top. He misses a moonsault, but lands on his feet. Miles catches him charging with a flapjack. Mansoor escapes a throw and gets Tehuti in position for an Electric Chair Drop, but turns it into a version of a Death Valley Driver for the win at 7:44.

Winner: Mansoor via pin at 7:44
-This was a pretty good match and they made the most of the time they were given. Good stuff here as Mansoor continues to improve. ***

-Recap of Drake Maverick/Escobar battles that continued on NXT this past week.

Santos Escobar (w/ Legado Del Fantasma) vs. Oney Lorcan

-This is obviously non title, but should be fun. Escobar looks like a star and should be the focus of this division and show right now. Lockup to start as Saxton points out Lorcan has a bandaged arm due to his battle with Thatcher. Escobar goes right to work on the damaged arm, but Lorcan gets to his feet and fires off a chop, but it does nothing as it was with his bad arm. Nice psychology there! Lorcan then looks to fire off a right hand or clothesline, but backs off because of the arm. Fantastic! Escobar goes to the arm and Lorcan tries for a flash pin as he knows he is in a bit of trouble. Escobar locks in a single leg crab, but also grabs the injured arm to add to the hold. He then just forgets the leg and goes to the arm with a sweet submission. Lorcan gets to the ropes to break and they do battle in the corner. Escobar gets a snap suplex while pinning Lorcan’s arm behind his back. I am digging the old school feel to this. Escobar charges and gets sent to the apron, but snaps off a head kick. He then pins Lorcan’s arm against the ring post. Lorcan uses the other arm to get in a shot and fights up top, but Escobar goes back to the arm to regain the advantage. He wraps the arm around the ring post and just continues the old school onslaught on that one body part. Escobar then snaps off a kick to the face and hits a splash on the apron on the arm. Again, such an easy story and Escobar looks like a cold and calculated star here. Escobar continues with a modified version of the Tequila Sunrise, but Lorcan is a man and fights through the pain. Escobar spins over and hooks the head while controlling the arm. He tells Lorcan to tap, but he grabs the rope instead to break. Lorcan fights back with his good arm and takes the champ down with an uppercut. He charges and hits a blockbuster, but doesn’t have enough to follow up. The delay screws him as he walks into an armbreaker on the knees and The Phantom Driver finishes at 8:41.

Winner: Santos Escobar via pin at 8:41
-Not a real competitive match, but Escobar is the star and I enjoyed the story and psychology of the match. Lorcan came in wounded and Escobar was relentless with his targeting of the injured arm. Lorcan did the best he could, but he was a one armed man and he was no match for the Champion. Just a wonderful story to tell with Escobar looking great and Lorcan showing great fight in defeat. Even better was that Escobar didn’t need any kind of help from his boys. ***

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
What a wonderful show this week as it was just two good, but different matches. The first match was a competitive sprint with some cool moves and reversals. The Main Event was old school destruction by The Champion with great story telling and psychology. This show is a breeze to watch and I would call it a definite watch this week.

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