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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 08.05.22

August 5, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE NXT Level Up Xyon Quinn Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 08.05.22  

-Announce Team: Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Dante Chen and Guru Raaj vs. Bryson Montana and Damaris Griffin

-Raaj and Montana start with Raaj gaining the early advantage. Quick tag to Chen who gets in a few moves and back out to Raaj. Montana catches Raaj with a hanging neckbreaker out of the corner and the tag is made to Griffin. He hits a chokebomb for two and then goes to a neck crank as the announcers talk about Edge spearing Dom from RAW this past Monday. Tag back to Montana and he drops elbows on the collarbone. Raaj throws some weak shots which Montana just shrugs off. Two count for Montana and then he goes to a neck crank. Raaj fights back and hits a dropkick out of a slam attempt. The race is on to the corners and each man makes a tag. Chen springs in with a clothesline and then hits another one. He ducks a clothesline and gets one to drop Griffin. Running boot knocks Montana off the apron. Atomic Drop and running boot on Griffin gets two as Montana makes the save. All four men in the ring and Chen eats a slam from Griffin. He drags him to the corner and heads to the middle rope. He misses a splash which lets Chen finish with double chop for the pin at 5:20.

Winners: Dante Chen and Guru Raaj
-Basic tag match here. Chen looked good with his hot tag offense. Montana and Griffin are green, but again that’s why this show is needed. *1/2

-Arianna Grace gets interview time backstage as she talks about her issues with Thea Hail. She is a former beauty pageant queen and she has to do whatever it takes to bring peace to the world. She has to prepare for victory as today will be a most wonderful day. They face each other next!

-WrestleMania Goes Hollywood: The Reboot!

Thea Hail (w/ Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward) vs. Arianna Grace

-Chase U in the house which means the crowd will be into this one. On cue a “Thea” chants breaks out. Grace pulls the hair to start, but gets caught in a side headlock. Grace tries to break, but can’t get free and Hail takes the hold to the match. Head scissors from Hail and then right back to the side headlock. She tries a leg trip, but Grace stomps out and gets a belly to back suplex. She stands on Hail while blowing kisses to the crowd and waving. Next she uses the top rope to choke as Nigel points out it is legal as long as she breaks by five. Another belly to back is turned into crossbody by Grace for two. She can’t follow up though and Grace gets a Fisherman’s Suplex into a bridge (didn’t look the leg though) for two. Grace goes to a version of a camel clutch, but Hail gets her hands free and uses them to get to her feet. She falls back to break and both women are down. Hail blocks a punch and hits a running double axe. Ugly spinning neckbreaker (covered well by Nigel on commentary) followed by a standing moonsault gets two. Grace blocks a monkey flip by throwing Hail into the corner and then gets a roll-up while using the ropes for leverage to get the pin at 5:03.

Winner: Arianna Grace via pin at 5:03
-Couple rough spots, but the crowd was into it. Cheat to win from Grace. *

-Xyon Quinn in action next. No word on his opponent.

-Clash at The Castle is the next PLE and that should have a white hot crowd.

-WrestleMania Hollywood Packages available now. I got a WrestleMania package for 25, 26, and 27 and man has the price skyrocketed. For Mania 26 I only paid $494 and that included tickets to Mania, Hall of Fame, Axxess, and a meet and greet with CM Punk at our resort. It also included our stay at the resort just outside of Phoenix.

Xyon Quinn vs. Johnny Boots N Tights

-Quinn gives the jobber 10 seconds to get out of the ring. The crowd counts down and the jobber decides to leave. I assumed something was up.

-Quinn throws out a challenge and the crowd wants Quincy. He answers and the place pops.

Xyon Quinn vs. Quincy Elliot

-Quinn blitzes Elliot at the bell as he mauls him in the corner. Elliot strikes back, but loses that battle. Quinn buries shoulders in the corner, but gets caught with a hiptoss. Elliot hits a running shoulder and lands an uppercut. Quinn fires back with kicks and punches. He hits a running elbow in the corner and then more shoulders. A punch to the gut doubles Elliot over and the crowd is pissed. Elliot fires up and lands right hands of his own. He sets too early on a backdrop and gets elbowed on the back of his head. Quinn drops Elliot and talks trash before slugging him down again. Fireman’s Carry into a slam gets two. Quinn stomps away and hits another elbow. “Quincy’s gonna kill you,” chant from the crowd. Elliot blocks a Million Dollar Dream, but Quinn escapes his shoulders and lands a shot to the back. This time The Million Dollar Dream is locked, but Elliot elbows his way out. He mows Quinn down with shoulder tackles and then a running uppercut. He hits a running splash in the corner and this crowd is losing it. He falls forward with a splash and that gets the pin at 4:50.

Winner: Quincy Elliot via pin at 4:50
-Not much to the match, but one of the hottest crowds this show has ever had. That made this quite fun and credit to them for giving the crowd a feel good moment. **

-Elliot celebrates by dancing as Quinn looks on shocked.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
Not much in terms of in ring action, which tends to the be the case with this show and that's fine as that's not the point. What we did get was one a super-hot crowd in the Main Event that was rewarded with a nice moment. Elliot has tons of charisma and the crowd loves him right now. So nothing great in the ring, but a fun and easy show to watch thanks to a fully engaged crowd. Sometimes that is all you need from this show.

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