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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.25.20

September 25, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live Isaiah "Swerve" Scott
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.25.20  

-“You’re going to take the payday and the ass whipping that comes with it.” Heel Roman is great and what we need right now. Uso also cut a strong promo and I am excited for this match on Sunday. I’ve also been a sucker for the Alexa/Fiend stuff and toss in the IC Title Ladder Match and the SmackDown side of things has been a delight. Now on to 205 Live where it seems we are back to our two match format. Let’s get to it

-Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Nigel McGuiness
-WWE ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Mansoor vs. Ashante “Thee” Adonis

-Nigel kills it as he compares Byron and himself to Hobbs and Shaw though not as Fast and Furious. It’s great having Nigel back on commentary again. Lockup to start and Adonis gets a take down. He taunts Mansoor a bit and then fixes his hair. Mansoor responds by grabbing an armbar. Adonis tries to roll out, but gets caught on the ground. Back to their feet and Adonis gets a boot in the face as he tried to float over in the corner. Back to the arm and they do a reversal sequence that ends with Mansoor hitting a Scorpion Death Drop for two. Nigel called it a Slop Drop, but Sting is the bigger star so I will go with that name. Adonis pulls Mansoor throat first into the top rope in a nice leverage move and then shows some great aggression as he mauls Mansoor on the floor. Back in the ring Adonis hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Adonis follows with a chin breaker and then a flapjack. To the corner where he stomps away and gets another two count. Adonis to the chinlock, but a jawbreaker breaks the hold. Mansoor fires off some chops, but gets catapulted into the corner. He lands on the middle rope though and bounces back off with a splash. Mansoor gets a slam and spinebuster. He hits a running clothesline in the corner and a middle rope bulldog gets a two count. This has been much more competitive than I figured. Mansoor looks to finish, but Adonis counters into the Captain’s Hook. Nice touch! Mansoor escapes and goes back after the arm before hitting the Electric Chair Drop into the modified DVD for the win at 7:58.

Winner: Mansoor via pin at 7:58
-Solid match here with nice little touches from Adonis to play on his issues with The Brian Kendrick. They obviously see something in Mansoor so him winning wasn’t really in doubt, but it was nice to see a little more from Adonis. **1/2

-Video package on Swerve getting two pin falls on Santos and being the next in line for the CW Title.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Ariya Daivari

-It’s been a bit since Swerve has been on this show while Daivari has been all over the show since his return a few weeks ago. No $10,000 on the line from Daivari in this one. Arm work to start and a quick pin attempt from Daivari for a one count. Swerve gets a leg take down and transitions to a grounded armbar, but Daivari gets to the bottom rope to break. Daivari gets a headlock take down, but Swerve gets the back. Daivari backs him into the corner and gets in a cheap shot and then back to the headlock. Swerve escapes again and fires off some elbows from the ground and then bends both of Daivari’s arms behind him. Cool! Back to the arm as he manipulates the joint and Daivari gets to the ropes to break again. Daivari backs Swerve into a corner and fires off chops. A blind charge is countered with a head scissor take down and then a basement dropkick for two. Swerve goes back to joint manipulation as he goes after the fingers and then gets a short arm scissors. Daivari breaks and bails to the floor. Swerve is right after him and lands some more strikes. Daivari avoids a suplex on the floor and heads back in the ring. Swerve is the second man in and gets caught with a DDT. To the corner sternum first for Swerve and a neckbreaker follows that gets two. Daivari back to the ground as he works the shoulder and neck. He transitions to a basic chin lock and then delivers a forearm to the back. Swerve returns with a nasty looking back elbow and a clothesline. He heads to the middle rope and lands a diving forearm. Swerve goes for a leg, so Daivari bails to the floor. Swerve follows out and hits a running kick. Back inside Swerve rolls into a Flatliner for two. Daivari escapes a hold and forces Swerve into the corner. Swerve gets a whip reversed, but catches Daivari and hits a backdrop driver from a suplex position. Daivari ducks a strike and hits a urinage. He heads up and hits a Frog Splash for two. Nice near fall! The hammerlock lariat is countered, but Daivari gets a sunset flip that Swerve rolls through and hits The House Call for the win at 10:43.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via pin at 10:43
-Swerve winning was the right call as he is the next in line for Escobar. This one took a while to get going but through sheer force of will ended up being a good match. Swerve is becoming a personal favorite and I am curious to see what he and Escobar do when they get to their CW Title match. Daivari continues to thrive since his return to the division. ***

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Good show this week as they cut back a bit on the storyline developments and just went with solid in ring action. There is a balance they can find, but this show continues to a fun and easy watch that has consistently been the best show on WWE TV on a weekly basis.

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