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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 5.21.20

May 21, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Ricochet WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 5.21.20  

Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 05/21/20

-Before I ever became part of the 411 team I was a daily reader and Larry was the person I spent the most time reading. Even after I was brought on the team in 2008, Larry’s reviews were something I would seek out immediately as a show ended. His output was second to none and became the stuff of legends. When I joined 411, Larry was the person that I sought out for any advice and looked at him as my “boss.” He would often go out of his way to throw ideas my way about shows that needed covered and would use reviews of matches I did for special columns the staff would do. I was always honored he did that as his reviews of matches and shows were the standard to which I always tried to reach. I soon realized I couldn’t and opted to go the route of reviewing WWE Network shows and Larry was right there to offer me more. In the last year as Larry had his health issues, I had others from the staff be my contact, but Larry still took care of me as he recommended me for the Backstage gig.

-The best memory I have though is the e-mail I still have that he sent when my son was born in 2017. Larry was a family man and the love for his family was clearly seen by his social media posts. I did coverage of Talking Smack while in the hospital the night my son was born and the e-mail from Larry only wanted to know the details about my son. He knew of the struggles my wife and I had with miscarriages and he was there to listen if I needed someone. I never met the man, but he always told me I was good people because, like him, I was from SW PA. I kind of regret never getting the chance to meet him, but as a fan and then a person that worked with him I feel like I knew him. His writing had a way of making you feel like you knew him and was a source of great enjoyment. Funny enough, I often go back to some of his Hogan Knows Best reviews of all things because I can’t help but crack up laughing. The world lost a great man and the IWC lost the hardest working man in the business. That doesn’t compare though to the loss for his family of a father and husband. My condolences to his family first and to all those that knew him better than me. My heart breaks for everyone that has been affected by his loss whether family, friend, or fan.

-To Larry I say thank you for the years of entertainment and then for letting me write about this crazy business we loved. Thank you for you being a mentor and friend. The IWC world is never going to be the same and I know I will be looking for your reviews out of habit for quite some time. I know it’s going to be hard for you, but rest easy now Boss. You will be sorely missed!”

-As you are aware by now the tragic loss of Larry has left a gigantic void as far as shows needing reviewed.  Since he did the work of a small village on his own the call went out to help cover things.  In no way will I ever say I can review a show like Larry, but I am here to do my best with Main Event and then I will also be tackling 205 Live.  For those who don’t know me, I started out 12 years ago doing old PPV and DVD reviews for 411, but soon found my niche as the Network Guy who gets all the documentaries and talking head shows.  I also have been doing the live coverage of Backstage since that show started and that’s thanks to Larry as he recommended me for the gig as he already had a ton on his plate for Tuesday nights.  Someone in the comments once stated I was the Kevin Smith of wrestling reviewers as I tend to be easy to please and don’t go hardcore hating on shows.  I tend to like to spend time talking about what I like and have no issue talking about what I don’t, but I don’t spend as much time on it.  Any and all comments are appreciated and hopefully I will get back in the groove of doing in ring shows sooner than later.  Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and MVP

Jinder Mahal vs. Akira Tozawa

-Lockup to start and Mahal quickly hits a slam. A second one is escaped and a few more moves are avoided as Tozawa uses his speed. Mahal drops him with a boot to the face and gets a two count off a knee drop. The power game continues as Mahal tosses Tozawa into the corner and then works him over near the ropes with a knee to the face. A headlock from Jinder slows things down as obviously the easy thing to do is have Tozawa work from under. A suplex follows and then back to the headlock. A Towaza comeback is cut off quickly and he eats another slam. Repeat with me: back to the headlock, but then finally Towaza gets back in with a Shining Wizard. He heads up top and gets a two count off a dropkick. He then tries to pick up Mahal, which isn’t smart and he pays as he gets overpowered into the corner. The Khallas finishes at 5:47.

Winner: Jinder Mahal via pin at 5:47
-Basically a SQUASH as Tozawa only got a few moments of offense before getting put away rather easily. I guess the only good thing to say is they got more time than they would on RAW. There was nothing bad or particularly good. It was a match that happened and we move on. **

-Shane Thorne vs Ricochet is later.

-We head back to SmackDown where Strowman took Otis up on his offer to be his partner against Miz and Morrison.

-Otis is caught in a headlock, and fights off Miz and Morrison before making the hot tag. Braun runs wild as Miz and Morrison bump all over the ring. To the floor and Morrison smartly runs away as Miz eats the running tackle. Back in the ring a charge in the corner is missed as Morrison pushes Miz out of the way. That’s just a minor hiccup however as Morrison gets pinned in short order with the powerslam.

-After the match Mandy’s music hits to distract Braun and Otis teases a cash in, but gets caught and says it was only for a laugh.

-We head back to RAW as Edge accepts Orton’s challenge to a wrestling match. Orton’s gripe is the match at WrestleMania wasn’t a wrestling match and he knows he is a better wrestler. Nobody can do what he does in this ring and that includes Edge. Orton knows Edge didn’t accept his challenge last week because he could see doubt. What once made Edge great is now gone and Orton tells us he also saw fear. Edge is here and says becoming a wrestler was Orton’s backup plan. Edge grew up wanting to be WWE Champion and cried when he won the IC Title because it showed he could be one of the best workhorses in the business. Orton tries to interrupt, but Edge cuts him off and talks about how he came back from a nearly career ending injury. Orton interrupts again and Edge finally accepts the challenge. With that Orton takes his leave. Edge continues to show great passion and Orton is always great as the slimy heel. I still don’t understand the hype of calling it “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” though.

Ricochet (w/Cedric Alexander) vs. Shane Thorne (w/ Brendan Vink)

-Thorne doesn’t even get a proper ring entrance and just gets to be the guy with a graphic while his opponent’s music blares in the background.  Lockup to start and Thorne backs Ricochet into the ropes.  We get a clean break and another lockup into a wristlock by Ricochet.  They wrestle off that a bit as MVP makes the point that Thorne needs to keep Ricochet grounded.  No kidding!  Thorne earns brownie points with me by slapping Ricochet around as he grounds him to the mat.  Ricochet fights back to his feet and reverses into a nifty roll-up for a two count.  MVP then makes the point that Ricochet can handle his own on the mat as well.  Ricochet starts firing off escapes and flips over attempted strikes to fluster Thorne.  To the corner and the chops sound great in this empty setting.  Ricochet gets caught in the corner and dropped on his head.  We take a commercial break with Thorne in control.  Back with Thorne controlling with a headlock, but Ricochet escapes.  That doesn’t last long as Thorne slugs him down for a two count.  Thorne targets the back as Vink talks trash on the floor and that’s always appreciated with heel partners on the outside.  A side kick gets another two count for Thorne and he then goes right back to the mat game.  It’s a smart strategy.  Alexander tries to rally his partner and that usually would get the crowd clapping along, but kind of weird with no fans to play along.  Ricochet gets a flash of hope, but again Thorne gets in a shot and goes back to the chin lock.  Finally, Ricochet gets the pace faster and connects with a dropkick to buy some time.  Ricochet follows with a forearm and then a springboard cross body.  Next a kick to the back and a springboard clothesline.  The Standing Shooting Star Press follows and that gets a two count.  Thorne catches Ricochet with a ripcord knee (looked fantastic on the replay) and drops him with a suplex that looked quite swank.  Thorne then heads up, but gets brought off with a rana.  A kick to the back of the head leads to The Kickback for the pin at 10:23.

Winner: Ricochet via pin at 10:23
-This was fun as Ricochet is great and Thorne was doing a great job of hitting him hard and working the story of keeping him grounded.  Ricochet plays a great, resilient face and his offense is perfect for fired up comebacks to pop a crowd (even if there is no crowd, I can dig it).  They hit each other hard and worked a fun match.  ***

-We head back to RAW where Drew McIntyre took on Corbin thanks to the Brand to Brand Invitational.

-We are JIP as McIntyre is bouncing Corbin all over the ringside area.  MVP and Bobby Lashley are looking on as things head back to the ring.  Corbin smartly powders again as Drew was prepping the Claymore.  Corbin sends Drew off the apron and it’s a rather impressive visual as Drew went flying right at the camera on the floor.  MVP cheering and yelling from the apron is helping a bit as we have seen that anyone being at ringside reacting helps the overall presentation.  Back in the ring Corbin hits the around the ring post and back in clothesline that he works into every match.  They slug it out in the ring and Drew gets hung up throat first on the top rope.  They head to the top as Corbin looks for a superplex and he connects for a one count.  Corbin is rightly frustrated that he only got a one count from that, so he gets stupid and talks shit.  Drew catches him with an overhead belly to belly and lands a boot to the face.  Drew heads up and comes off with an axe handle, and then gets a spinebuster for two.  Now Drew talks shit and Corbin fires back with a side slam for one.  I kind of dig the story of Drew kicking out at one to frustrate Corbin.  They throw some chops and punches center ring and Drew catches Corbin with the Future Shock DDT.  The countdown is on, but the Claymore is countered with a Deep Six for two.  I would hope that would at least get a two count.  Corbin talks to Lashley and eats a Glasgow Kiss for his trouble. He bails and looks for the around the post clothesline again, but the Claymore finishes things. After the match Drew tells Lashley he wants a fight and it’s nice to have a fighting champion like that again.  I like bad ass, fun loving Drew and he has been booked well.  Just sucks there is no crowd to tell how well this push is working.

-With that we are out this week. Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was my first exposure to this incarnation of WWE Main Event and it was a solidly average show. Sure Tozawa being used as a JTTS kind of sucks, but I'm sure the pandemic has lessened their options as far as people to use and Tozawa gets to be the one to take one for the team. Thorne/Ricochet was fun and it was just an hour of solid wrestling while also covering the Universal and WWE Title scenes.