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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 06.03.21

June 3, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event Jeff Hardy Mustafa Ali
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 06.03.21  

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
-Taped: WWE ThunderDome (Yuengling Center), Tampa, Florida

Mansoor vs. Drew Gulak

-205 Live back in the house! Cautious start as Mansoor goes for a single leg takedown, but that plays right into Gulak’s hands. He grounds Mansoor and rides him a bit before Mansoor rolls to the ropes to break. They each throw some leg kicks as they continue to feel each other out. Mansoor gets in a slap, but Gulak controls the arm as the announcers mention Mansoor trained a lot with Gulak before getting to the WWE. Mansoor gets a take down into a head scissors while also controlling the arm. Gulak is able to break and gets an armdrag, but Mansoor rolls through into one of his own and maintains control. Gulak breaks with a head scissors and we are back to a vertical base for each man. Gulak gets another takedown and wraps up the legs and transitions into a chinlock. He then rolls over to really crank on the hold. Nasty! Mansoor is able to get back to his feet and gets another armdrag. Gulak releases and they start from scratch again. Gulak preps for what looks like a Razor’s Edge, but instead goes to a stretch then into a pin attempt for two. He maintains the hold and gets a modified Boston Crab. They then go into a pinfall reversal sequence before Gulak traps the arm and head. Mansoor tries to scramble out, but gets caught with a crucifix pin for two. Gulak gets shoved off and catches a leaping Mansoor with sunset flip, but Mansoor rolls through into a jackknife cover for the win at 5:53.

Winner: Mansoor via pin at 5:53
-This was a good piece of business as it was 6 minutes of grappling and exchanging holds. Just an old school match with nothing off the top or any springboards, etc. Just a nice change of pace and credit to both for going with it the entire time they were given. I just wish they were given more than six minutes. ***

-Back to SmackDown as Roman Reigns asks Jimmy what the endgame is for bringing back The Usos as a team. Jimmy wants to make the family proud by all of them having gold. Roman is happy for him and wishes him good luck. Jey doesn’t seem so sure and Roman questions if his brother is talking for him now. Jey professes his allegiance to Reigns and Roman feels he should tell that to Jimmy. This is all great!

-Back to SmackDown as The Usos and The Street Profits tear the house down. I want these two teams feuding for the next 2 years. Just great stuff that shows again that putting real tag teams together can create magic. Ford is an athletic freak! The Usos get the win and face The Mysterios for the tag titles next week.

-Later on SmackDown, Roman talks to Jey about going after the tag titles. “What happened to we?” He brings up all they have been through and all he has wanted is the best for him. He reminds him he is Main Event Jey Uso when he goes by his plan, but now he is back to being the opening match. Roman is a kind Tribal Chief as he doesn’t want Jey going back to people asking “which one are you again?” Again, all great stuff!

-Recap of Shayna’s issues with Reginald.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mustafa Ali

-These two in the ring together remind me of Samoa Joe verbally destroying both of them (and AJ and Orton) on SmackDown in the build to Elimination Chamber a little over 2 years ago. You know the one! First time meeting here according to Byron. Hardy works the arm and pounds away as this is already a different match than what we saw earlier in the show. Ali tries to flip out, but Hardy maintains the hold. Ali gets the break in the corner and stomps away a bit. Hardy gets a kick to the face and comes of the middle rope with a double axe. He rams Ali into the top buckle in each corner as Ali is bumping all over the place. Twist of Fate is blocked, but Ali ends up getting backdropped to the floor. Double boot from Hardy and then a clothesline from the apron to the floor as we take a break.

-Hey, a commercial for eharmony. That’s actually how I met my wife 11 years ago.

-Back with Ali in control as the announcers don’t inform us what happened to change the tide. Ali talks some trash and lands some strikes in the corner. Running neckbreaker gets a two count. Ali hooks a chinlock, but Hardy escapes and gets caught with a swinging neckbreaker for two. More trash talk for Ali as he would appreciate it if Jeff would stay down. To the corner as Ali preps Jeff on the top rope. They battle there and nothing really comes of it, but Jeff is able to get a jawbreaker to get back into this one. Forearm from Hardy and then an inverted atomic drop followed by a seated dropkick and then a splash for two. Hardy staggers into a back elbow, but blocks the Tornado DDT and connects with a Falcon Arrow for two. Twist of Fate escaped again and Ali drops him with a superkick for two. Nice near fall there! Ali gets dropped on the apron and tries to roll in, but Hardy catches him with Twist of Fate. Hardy up top for the Swanton, but Ali smartly rolls to the floor. Hardy gives chase and gets tripped up and lands face first on the apron. Ali tosses him into the ring post and then back in the ring gets The Koji Clutch for the win as Hardy is out at 9:50.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via ref stoppage at 9:50
-Fun match here that got pretty good after the break. Nice rebound win for Ali and I am sure he enjoyed being in there with Jeff. Hardy played the hits which works well when someone knows how to work with him. ***

-Recap of Lashley and MVP interrupting Drew/Kofi I on RAW last week.

-Back to RAW for Drew/Kofi II and it was a war as they beat the tar out of each other. Drew gets the win and gets what should be his last shot at Lashley at Hell in a Cell. It needs to be a Cell Match to blow this feud off. They can always revisit Kofi getting a shot down the line. |

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Both matches were on the higher end of what we usually get on Main Event and that gives us one of the best shows of my run. The joined in progress matches were also two of the best TV matches the WWE has had this year. Good show this week!