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Liv Morgan on Being Nervous Before Crashing Lana and Lashley’s Wedding, How the Riott Squad Changed Her Life

December 3, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Liv Morgan WWE Raw

Liv Morgan was one of the more talked-about WWE segments in 2019 when she crashed Lana and Bobby Lashley’s wedding, and she talked about the segment on last week’s episode of The Bump. Morgan recalled the moments leading up to the segment in which she came out to object because she was in love with Lana. She also discussed her friendship with her Riott Squad teammates and how quickly they became best friends. You can check out the highlights and full video below:

On what she was thinking just before coming out to crash the wedding: “Yeah, I was just like, ‘I gotta bring it, bitch,’ you know what I mean? ‘I’m crashing this wedding! I’m objecting. I object!’ Like, it was just the craziest high that I’ve ever felt in my entire life, where my adrenaline was literally like, through the rough to where I felt nothing. I was pacing, pacing, pacing, pacing, pacing, driving myself crazy. And then right before that moment, right before I was about to go out, my body was overwhelmed with just ease. It was just like, ‘Okay. This is your moment, you prepared for this. Go and do it.’ But yeah, you know, I never thought that I would object to a wedding. I’m very happy that I got to do that.”

On how the Riott Squad changed her life: “I feel like I can’t talk about The Riott Squad without getting emotional. They just changed my life, you know? I wasn’t really friends with Ruby and Sarah before we got put together in a group. And then I found out that I’m in this group, and I’m so happy to get the opportunity but I’m kind of like, ‘You know, I didn’t see myself as a tag team partner. These girls have a history together, they’ve been best friends for 10 years.’ So I was happy, but I just a little bit — not hesitant, I just didn’t know them that well.

“And then right away, we realized we had so much in common. Physically, we couldn’t look any different from each other. But we have so much in common that it just because such a sisterhood right away, you know? And I’m so happy that I have best friends for my whole entire life. Ruby and Sarah will always be my best friends. And yeah, I just didn’t know that these girls were going to take such a big part of my heart and my life. And they do, and they did, and they still have.”

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