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Live Pro Wrestling Guerrilla All-Star Weekend 7 Night Two Results!

September 1, 2008 | Posted by Bayani Domingo

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: All-Star Weekend 7
American Legion Hall, Reseda, CA, Sunday August 31, 2008
Bell time: 5:15
Attendance Approx: 200 – 250

1. Susumu Yokosuka Def Alex Koslov, Pinfall via Aikata (Canadian rack to seated facebuster)
– Decent opener that helped set the pace for the rest of the show. The pacing seemed a little odd, as well as the selling but the lack of familiarity between the two men might have been the problem. Very entertaining, which saw both men hit several of their signature spots and more “heel heat” for Koslov. Finish came off Koslov kicking out of the “Jumbo No Kachi” and Susumu finally picking up his first PWG single’s win with the Aikata. **3/4

2. El Generico Def TJ Perkins, Pinfall via Brainbustaaah on outside onto apron.
– Very competitive match-up as TJ was working fully heel with good crowd heat behind him. TJ was working over Generico’s leg for much of the math and at one point took advantage of a distraction to loosen the top rope. The match continued for some time until Generico made his comeback and after catch TJ with an Ole kick was unable to place him on the rope turnbuckle for the top rope Brainbustaaah due to the slack in the rope. Several near falls and the finish came when TJ went for a suicide dive to the outside which El Generico caught and hit TJ with a Brainbustaaah from the floor onto the apron, rolled him into the ring and got the pinfall. Well paced and the psychology was sound. ***

3. “The Dynasty” Scott Lost & Joey Ryan Def Chucky Taylor & Vin Gerard, Submission via Double Sharpshooter.
– Fantastically entertaining comedy tag match which saw Chuck Taylor cement his place as a fan favor in PWG. Gerard also got a measure of redemption after a lackluster Night 1. Too many comedy spots to actually describe but the match started off by Taylor and Gerard being disgusted that they each wore the same color tights and got into a shoving match which almost turned into a make-out session. Gerard and Lost worked much of the match as the targets of each team. Finish came when Joey morphed into HHH, hitting high knee, knee face buster, and finally a double pedigree onto Taylor/Gerard. Lost then took over and rolled both men into a double sharpshooter for the submission win. Above average wrestling, exceptional comedy that the crowd was eating up.

4. Kevin Steen Def Roderick Strong, Pinfall via Stronghold reversal into a pin
– Solid match which featured a fair amount of comedy from Kevin Steen. Hard hitting and methodical with Strong working several backbreakers and vicious chops while Steen countered with Steen managing to hit some shortcuts to score a few near pinfalls while trying to put him away with the Package Pile Driver. Finish came after Steen missed a Swanton and Strong couldn’t capitalize on a series of backbreakers, roll-ups were traded and Strong’s attempt at the Stronghold was flipped over into a pinning combination. **3/4

5. Low Ki Def Rocky Romero, Submission via Dragon Clutch
– Rocky Romero outwrestled Ki for the first portion of the match and decided to celebrate with the “Azucar” dance. Which ultimately was a bad move after Ki took his retribution and got in a little dancing of his own. Scientific mat wrestling started the match and the pacing then slowly crept up into a walk, a run, then a spring as each man was looking for a submission victory, Rocky with the Cross Armbreaker and Ki with the Dragon Clutch. My over/under for kicks was seriously inflated as only 27 kicks were landed…and about a half dozen knees. Finish came when Rocky was hit with the “John Woo” running drop kick and submitted to the Dragon Clutch. Excellent match which was wrestled almost perfectly clean. ***1/2


6. Necro Butcher Def Eddie Kingston, Pinfall via Flying Cross body off the Top Rope.
– Basic brawl and comedy match which started with Necro promising to wrestle and not brawl. That lasted exactly 1 second and this quickly broke down into an in ring comedy fistfight. Kingston had great crowd heat and worked it expertly. After initially refusing to get into the ring and fight and stalling by trying to hide in the women’s rest room, Kingston dominated most of the match until a straight punch to the dome resulted into Necro hitting a flying cross body from the top rope onto a stunned Kingston for the win. Post match Kingston took a brief second to be serious (and break kayfabe) and thanked the fans and appeared to be very emotional upon exiting. Let the speculation begin. **1/4

7. PWG World Tag Team Title Match
Youngbucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) Def Age of The Fall (c) (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black), Pinfall via Small Package
– The ‘bucks dominated early and looked great in the early going. Some shortcuts led to AoTF taking back control and Matt Jackson again was playing Ricky Morton. Several near falls and a great back and forth match that had good “crowd heat”…albeit extremely obnoxious “crowd heat” from the drunken fans in one particular section. A series of near falls led to a distraction and a Tyler Black chair shot attempt was countered by Matt and after taking out Black with the chair and rolling he and Nick out of the ring he played possum while Jacobs thought the job had gotten done and rolled him up with a small package for the win. The crowd was momentarily stunned, then exploded. Biggest win of the ‘Bucks young careers. ***3/4

PWG World Championship Title Match
8. Chris Hero (c) Def PAC, Pinfall via Hero’s Welcome
– Very good match which saw Hero dominate the early going and ground PAC with a half a dozen submission attempts which kept the crowd largely behind PAC. Hero began to get frustrated and began brutalizing PAC with various kicks and elbows. Eventually PAC made his comeback and hit several top rope moves and hurracanrans out of thin air. PAC easily had the most support from the crowd and after trading a series of near falls it appeared that the crowd was beginning to believe PAC could score the upset. After missing the 360 SSP, Hero caught PAC into a Kravate and flipped it into a Suplex which led to the roaring Elbow and a Hero’s welcome. This time Hero got the polite applause and both got a standing ovation from the crowd. After PAC got another round of applause Hero called him back to the ring to make yet ANOTHER post match speech. This time putting over PAC and asking him to come back, which PAC responded that he would promise to do just that soon. PAC is over. ‘Nuff said. ***3/4

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