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Lucha Underground Grants Releases to Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, More

March 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lucha Underground

– Lucha Underground has granted releases to four talents including Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and King Cuerno. Lucha Central reports that Baba-G Productions and the El Rey Network, the production company and television network of the promotion, have agreed to a settlement on three lawsuits filed — two by Cuerno (aka El Hijo del Fantasma) and Texano Jr. and a class-action suit filed on behalf of Fantasma, Ivelisse, Joey Ryan and Kobra Moon. The class-action suit sought a release from the talents’ contracts, claiming that they were unable to work elsewhere as a result of their Lucha Underground contracts. The other two sought financial damages for the same reason.

According to the suit, the companies have agreed to a settlement which saw Fantasma, Ivelisse, Ryan and Moon immediately released from their contracts. Texano had withdrawn from the lawsuit prior to the settlement and is expected to stay with AAA. The four released talents can now work elsewhere, and Fantasma’s separate lawsuits have been dropped as well.

“I’m honored to say that we received 100% of the relief that we were suing to obtain and four young talented wrestlers are no longer bound by an unfair contract that prohibits them from taking full advantage of their talents at the prime of their career,” said attorney Andre Verdun, who represented the wrestlers. “I wish them all the best of luck.”

The site reports that Ryan is expected to sign on with All Elite Wrestling, while Fantasma should become a hot commodity and Kobra Moon will continue to work for AXS TV’s Women of Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Ivelisse’s plans are unclear at this time.

The situation is sure to leave speculation high on whether Lucha Underground will receive a fifth season, which seems unlikely after a co-executive producer Chris DeJoseph said last month he believes the show is dead.