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Mick Foley Says Undertaker Tried to Get WWE to Let Him Do UK Q&A Panel

April 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mick Foley 20 Years in Hell

– Mick Foley is coming to Inside the Ropes’ and Undertaker’s defense over the Dead Man pulling out of the Q&A portion of the upcoming UK show. Foley posted to Facebook noting that WWE pulled Undertaker and that the WWE legend flew back to Connecticut to try and convince WWE to allow him to do the tour.

Foley noted that “when the contractual dust settled, Kenny [McIntosh of Inside the Ropes] found himself without the spoken word part of the biggest spoken word tour he’d ever put together – maybe the most highly anticipated spoken word tour the wrestling world has known.” He says McIntosh reached out to him afterward, and he agreed to do the Q&A.

Foley’s comments corroborated part of a report from today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Undertaker signed a new deal that caused him to have to pull out of the Q&A section. Taker is said to be unlikely to book future outside appearances going forward.

Foley noted, “I’m thrilled to be part of the show. I will be getting paid, but for me #RiseOfTheTakerTalesFromHell isn’t really about the money. It’s a chance to keep hundreds of die-hard UK fans from missing out on a rare chance to meet The Undertaker (the meet and greets with Taker are very much alive). It’s a chance to talk about some of my favorite moments (of course, we’ll talk about #HIAC but UT and I had so many great moments together) with one of my favorite opponents. But probably more than anything, it’s a chance for me to help out Taker – a man who helped me so much in my career. We may be best known for one infamous evening in 1998, but had it not been for Taker putting me on the WWE map in 1996, so many of the good things that came my way would simply not have been possible. No #WWEHOF . No #RockAndSock , no WWE titles, no Al Snow #BestFriends reunion tours.Certainly, I would not be living in a world where I can walk around at age 53 wearing sweatpants and a fanny pack.”