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Mid-South Wrestling (6.30.1984) Review

February 12, 2021 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 6-30-1984 Ernie Ladd
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Mid-South Wrestling (6.30.1984) Review  

-Originally aired June 30, 1984.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts. Bill announces that because of the World’s Fair, there’s going to be a bonus Superdome show this year. No offense, but if the Wigsphere couldn’t draw, what chance does Mid-South Wrestling have.

-Jim Ross is at ringside with Steve Williams and Terry Taylor, and the crowd is so ahead of this angle that they boo Steve Williams at the start. Williams is wearing the TV Title medal that he “remembered” to bring this week. He says he’s going to hang the medal on the ring post, just like he did with Krusher Kruschev, and if Taylor wants it, he’ll have to fight for it. Taylor is shocked, but he agrees to do it because he’s a fighting champion.

-Buddy Landell comes to ringside to cut a promo on Sonny King, calling him “Scatman Crothers,” which I really cannot unsee now that Landell as pointed that out about Sonny.


-From the Superdome. Hey everybody, guess the difference between a Street Fight and a Ghetto Street Fight! Come on, guess!

-Reed is dressed in a suit for this match and looks uncannily like the steroids version of Eric Andre. He piledrives JYD on the concrete floor as Bill Watts clarifies that this is a lights-out match, so Mid-South assumes no responsibility for it. Reed starts taking the clothes off the nearly unconscious Dog, employing the rarely-seen Cosby strategy, and whips him with a belt, which revives the Dog until Reed uses the belt to clothesline him.

-Reed works the Dog’s leg, and we’ve seen a wrestler work the leg a million times, but listen to Watts calling it, as he explains the gravity of the situation–in football, if a leg injury is just the right kind of injury, you’re done. If Reed twists that leg JUST the right way, Dog may never wrestle again.

-JYD gets back to his feet and backdrops Reed, then clubs Reed over the head repeatedly with a cowboy boot. Thump looks to finish, but JYD accidentally takes out the referee. Buddy Landell comes in to help his buddy, but JYD takes on both of them and looks to finish, but Ernie Ladd runs in…well, ambles in and drops a big leg on the Dog just as the referee revives, and Reed gets the win. They get together to tar and feather him until Scatman Crothers makes the save. A bunch of other babyfaces run in and surround the area to stop any of the heels from running in, and with Buddy Landell as the sole heel left in the ring, they grab the tar and feathers and COVER Buddy. Great drama all the way through, although I’m honestly not fired up about seeing a JYD/Ladd feud.


-And again, Wendi’s mega-push in the WWF is already airing so this is going to be a short visit. Victoria applies a full nelson as Jim Cornette strolls to ringside with a trophy. Victoria with a cradle, but Richter kicks out. Wendi starts working the back and neck. Victoria fights back with dropkicks and rolls up Wendi for two, but Wendi rolls through and pulls the tights for the three-count.

-Cornette declares Wendi Richter the greatest female athlete in the world and gives her the trophy, to represent her new spot as the third member of the Midnight Express. So there’s a fun trivia question.

-So Hacksaw Jim Duggan heads to ringside, plants a kiss on Wendi, smashes the trophy, and patrols the ring with a 2×4, with Terry Taylor providing backup.

-Fulton starts with Rose and tosses him here and there. Orton tags in and gets knocked around too. Orton gets some offense and the jobbers actually manage to create a diversion for the referee and double-team. Orton crashes on an attempted charge and Rogers heads in and slams Orton down. Rogers press slams Fulton on top for a three-count.


-Reed is wearing tights with “__TCH REED” embroidered across the ass. Just wear your other tights until you get the sewing machine fixed, why would you ever wear these tights on TV?

-Heels take turns on Jackson. Ragin tags in and tries to clean house, but Reed blocks a monkey flip and press slams him. Body vice finishes.

-But what’s this? Landell comes to ringside with his arm in a sling and Mr. Wrestling II backing him up. Landell says he injured his arm during pre-match push-ups, so II is stepping in for him.

-II takes control with forearms and boots. King comes back but goes for the mask, and II rakes the eyes to stop him. Referee gets wiped out as II crashes on an attempted splash. King punches him “ghetto-style” until Buddy Landell pulls his sling off and strangles King with it. Referee revives and calls for the bell. King fights back and Landell fetches a chair, but a chair to the head has no effect on King because, well, you know, and King clears the ring. Match was just a vessel for an angle, but it was all pretty decent.


-Ladd complains that Mid-South is only giving him bums to wrestle instead of stars and champions, so he tells Jim Ross to just hang on for a minute, and he clears the ring while Jim just stands there and waits for him.

-He demands an opponent right now, so North American Champion Magnum TA heads to ringside and he’s game. Ladd gives him a HARD slap across the face–I’m genuinely amazed Magnum is still standing. Magnum is fired up and demands that we sound the bell and start this…but Ladd says there’s no point because TV time is going to run out. Ladd will wrestle Magnum TA only if Mid-South allows him at least 30 minutes.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Good booking and the show was mostly fun, but Ernie Ladd has aged about 15 years in the three years' worth of Mid-South that I've watched so far and he's just clearly NOT the guy to build the show around.

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