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Mid-South Wrestling (8.10.1985) Review

October 20, 2022 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Mid-South Wrestling 6-16-1984 Jim Duggan Image Credit: WWE/Peacock
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Mid-South Wrestling (8.10.1985) Review  

-Originally aired August 10, 1985.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts.


-From Power Pro Wrestling, two weeks ago. Prichard is another weird case like Edcar Thomas and Mark Ragin, where it LOOKED like they were getting ready to do something with him, and then they immediately changed their minds and he’s still just a jobber.

-Bill Dundee interrupts the ring introductions and rants about how Bobby Fulton copies everything that Dundee did in Memphis to become a star, and it just rubs him the wrong way. Dundee gives him a hard slap, and Fulton knocks him clear out to the floor and the barricade.

-Prichard gets hiptossed by Tommy Rogers, and the Fantastics work the arm over. Rose comes in and gets hiptossed and armdragged around by Fulton. Rose hammers at Fulton and goes for a backdrop, but Fulton makes it a snap suplex. Dundee abruptly returns along with Dutch Mantell and they clear Rogers from the apron, then Dundee holds Fulton down so Mantell can whip him like a dirty yard dog. Rogers clears the ring with a chair to rescue his partner, and that sets up our first live match on this week’s show…


-Dundee is wearing his pink outfit from last week and again tells us that he’ll give the outfit to Fulton if Fulton wins.

-They take turns working the arm, with Fulton eventually getting the edge. Bobby stays on the armbar and ties up Dundee on the mat with a half nelson. Fulton stays on the arm until Dundee kicks free and drives a running forearm into the skull. They badly botch a ref bump spot and the camera catches Dundee actually shaking his head in disgust as they set up to do it a second time.

-Referee is out long enough for Dundee to jump off the top rope illegally for a whoopee cushion, and it gets the three-count when the referee wakes up. Dutch Mantell strolls to the ring and hands Fulton’s entrance jacket to Dundee as a trophy, and Dundee destroys it. Tommy Rogers comes to the ring to avenge his partner, but now Rogers gets whipped with a leather belt, and they keep up the attack until Fulton saves his partner with another belt and clears the ring. Crowd dug it, but the match leading up to the angle was surprisingly lethargic.

-We re-watch the legalized murder of Dick Murdoch at the hands of Humungous last week. Dick Murdoch says he’s played football and competed in rodeo, but nothing was tougher than battling Humungous.

HUMUNGOUS (with Oliver Humperdink) vs. MARK RAGIN

-Humungous just pounds away at Ragin and locks on thew shinni no maki to finish this right away.

NON-TITLE: THE NIGHTMARE (North American Champion, with Oliver Humperdink) vs. “Hot Stuff” EDDIE GILBERT
-Oh hey, we finally remembered this angle happened! Let’s follow up on it now.

-Nightmare shoves Gilbert down. Gilbert fights back with a dropkick for a one-count. Gilbert suckers Nightmare into chasing him around the ring and then baseball slides into his face as Nightmare re-enters the ring. Nightmare tries a bearhug, but Gilbert unlaces the mask until Nightmare releases. Nightmare succeeds with a press slam, but misses a corner splash. Gilbert throws forearm shots and goes for the mask again. Humperdink distracts the referee while Nightmare loads his mask. Headbutt by the Nightmare, and a piledriver finishes. This is such a weird storyline.


-Clothesline and a kneedrop by Duggan, and a spear finishes in seconds.


-Both men jockey for position ***BULLETIN***

-We interrupt this match to announce that Bill Watts was attacked by a masked man at the Superdome during his Loser-Leaves-Town match. As a result, Watts was pinned and must leave Mid-South for 90 days.

-Even more breaking news: Dick Murdoch is the new North American Champion, having pinned the Nightmare at the Superdome.

-MORE breaking news: Dr. Death and Ted DiBiase retained their Tag Team Titles, however, Ted DiBiase announced immediately afterward that he’s leaving the country for a month to tour Japan, so he will not be involved in any Tag Team Title matches for the next 30 days.

-…we now rejoin our scheduled match.

-And we return to Cooley vs. Grey, and the middle rope is GONE, with the commentators expressing utter disbelief at whatever the hell these two rookies did to destroy an entire ring rope on all four sides.

-Grey uses the hair to keep Cooley on the mat, but the referee catches him and forces him to release his chinlock. Cooley throws a superkick and chops Grey. Corner charge by Grey is turned into a sunset flip by Cooley for the three-count, just in time.

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Not that great a week, honestly.

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