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MJF On His Master Plan Regarding the Inner Circle, Unveiling The Pinnacle, More

March 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
MJF The Pinnacle AEW Dynamite, Wardlow Image Credit: AEW

MJF has created his own stable in AEW after turning on Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle, and he discussed the whole matter in a new interview with TSN. You can check out some highlights below:

On his association with Chris Jericho: “I did get to pick that guy’s brain and, as much as I dislike that bastard, let me tell you something – he definitely understands how to lead a faction, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to get into that group and get into his inner circle. I wanted to learn from him, whilst also destroying his group, making sure that my group would be top honcho once I unveiled them to the world. Chris Jericho has an incredible professional wrestling mind, but unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to catch me. He did not catch the fox in the henhouse and that’s exactly what I am – I’m crazy like a fox in the best way possible.”

On his new faction: “I’m already the most talked-about name in professional wrestling, I’m already the best promo in professional wrestling – let’s face it, I’m probably already one of the best professional wrestlers in professional wrestling. But now I have Tully Blanchard at my side. Now I have a guy who I can ask questions to, who I can learn from on a consistent basis. I’m incredible already – can you imagine how great I’m gonna be in a year, two years, three years under this man’s tutelage? It’s scary, is what it is. It’s terrifying. I love it.”

On his dream opponent: “I never really like that phrase, ‘dream opponent.’ It never really made much sense to me because, realistically, the reason I’m here is to win the world championship. So I’ll tell you what – my dream opponent is whoever is wearing that title when I am the No. 1 contender. I don’t care if it’s Kenny Omega, I don’t care if it’s Jon Moxley, I don’t care if it’s Cody Rh- oh, it can’t be Cody Rhodes. I took that away from him (when he defeated Rhodes at Revolution in 2020 in a match with a stipulation that Rhodes could never challenge for the world title if he lost). I don’t care who it is. At the end of the day, my only goal in professional wrestling is to prove to the world that I am the best professional wrestler in the world and the only way to do that is by being the AEW world champion. And I can promise you right now – mark my words – I will be the AEW world champion, and I will have a reign that makes the likes of Bruno Sammartino blush and I cannot wait.”