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MLW Negotiating With ‘Tier 1’ TV Networks For New Show

January 6, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Fightful, MLW founder Court Bauer revealed that the company is in talks with two ‘Tier 1’ TV networks for a possible deal. He confirmed that it will be for an additional show, and not a new home for Fusion. Here are highlights:

On negotiating for a new show: “Our big goal for 2020 was to kind of grow our TV footprint in the States.] Then the pandemic hit and ad dollars go soft, programming schedules go bleak and those conversations really aren’t happening. You’re not seeing a lot of these kinds of deals happen. So, alright, we’re going to have to punt to 2021 and as soon as the counter flipped and things were getting a little more normal, ad dollars are getting better, things are getting a little bit more stable, there’s more of an appetite for new deals. We went back out there with our agency.”

On which networks they are talking with: “I’m actually right now as we’re recording sandwiched between two Zoom calls with two major networks. I can’t name names or I’ll get into trouble, but I don’t want to complicate things there. But, I will say these are what they call tier one networks. There’s tier one, tier two, tier three, tier four. Tier one is the top of the top. So, we’re very cautiously enthusiastic about this and excited to see where this takes us. Given that the TV landscape hit the breaks last year, we’re glad there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, A lot that can happen. We’ll see where these conversations take us. But, tapings is our thing right now. To have the other side of the screen engaged to the level we’re seeing them is very important to us. I’ll say the end is a long term partner. So, these talks would expand our footprint, not subtract. But, as the only free agent right now in the game when it comes to rights fees and what we can do right now, we’re in a really good position and we’re glad to see the network folks are really interested in having those conversations right now.”

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