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Mojo Rawley Discusses Reinventing His Character, Rob Gronkowski Possibly Coming to WWE

August 1, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mojo Rawley WWE

– Mojo Rawley spoke with the Baltimore Sun for a new interview and discussed his recent character change, Rob Gronkowski possibly coming to WWE and more.

On reinventing his character and avoiding becoming stale: “You’re always reinventing yourself and looking for what’s new and what you haven’t done before. We did the over-the-top, hyped-up, amped-up, crazy kind of character and now you kind of focus more on the reflective self. The man-in-the-mirror type of thing. I’m switching it up. It’s the exact opposite of what I’ve been, and it’s refreshing, and it’s been fun.”

On if he feels like he’s starting from scratch again: “I think you always feel like that in a business like this, where you do get stale and the fans will kind of turn on you and get tired of you. You’re always kind of starting from the bottom. That’s how my career went in football, and that how it’s been here. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It keeps it fun and exciting and challenging.”

On how seriously he’s talked with Rob Gronkowski about coming to the WWE Performance Center: “He just wrapped up a decade-long career breaking records. For every record he had he probably had as many injuries or surgeries putting his body on the line for the team and the fans. Right now he’s doing nothing. He’s going to lay low and stay off the television a little bit and heal up. He’ll reflect and make that next move and make that decision carefully. But in the future, we have talked about it extensively. Wrestling is something that he both loves watching, and that little bit of taste he had in the ring with me at WrestleMania a couple years ago with me got him all fired up. So, he’s ready to do something at some point.”