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New Details On AEW All Out Post-Media Scrum Brawl, Update On Punk Injury Rumor

September 6, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW All Out CM Punk Image Credit: AEW

A new report has some additional details about the fight that took place backstage after AEW All Out, coming from CM Punk and Ace Steel’s side of things. Fightful Select spoke with sources close to Punk and Steel, who offered their own (those of the sources to be clear, not necessarily Punk and Steel’s) accounts of what happened. It was emphasized that this is one side of the story that hasn’t had much heard from until now.

The sources state that after the scrum where Punk went off on Hangman Page and the EVPs, the Bucks approached Punk’s locker room and Punk was not answering the door after having had his AEW All Out match and the “emotional” media scrum. The Bucks are alleged to have pounded on the door, and it’s even claimed that they “kicked the door down.”

Ace Steel told people that what set him off was the fact that his wife was in the room, and he was looking out for her above all other factors. As has been reported, Steel reportedly threw a chair and is said to have ended up biting someone (previously identified as Kenny Omega). Omega was said to have not initially been as upset but things got out of hand.

The fight was said to have been a “very long” incident and that there were words exchanged after the brawl as well.

Regarding the rumors that CM Punk was injured during the brawl, it’s been alleged that Punk hurt his tricep but those close to him say that happened in his match during a dive. Punk was seen checking his elbow during the bout, and he was icing the arm during the media scrum. The severity isn’t known, but Punk was said to have been “hurt” going into the fight.

There are rumors flying that both Steel and Punk are done with the company, but those close to them say they haven’t been informed of such as of yet. Almost everyone on the roster believes that if they are not let go there will need to be “heavy amends” made.