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No Decisions Have Been Made Regarding NJPW and WOW On AXS TV

September 11, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee

As we previously reported, Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem Media announced that it has purchased AXS TV, which has already resulted in some changes. PWInsider reports that no decision has been made at this time what to do with NJPW and WOW, which both currently air on AXS TV. As of now, everything will continue as it has been.

As we have noted, there have already been cost-cutting measures made in the wake of the purchase, including layoffs (40 employees from the Los Angeles and Denver offices) and the Dallas office shutting down. The Denver office in particular is where the bulk of the NJPW on AXS TV show was put together. After the acquisition, the Denver office was “extremely gutted” and there’s no word on what will happen with NJPW programming. NJPW currently has a deal with AXS that turns through January 2020.

At this time, NJPW currently sends over tapes to AXS, which are edited live as NJPW produces their live events. AXS would then do some minor edits with additional voiceover work from Kevin Kelly to fit American broadcasts. There are several weeks of episodes already set aside from Royal Quest and it’s likely shows from the Destruction tour would follow. Those episodes have not been put together yet, however.

It’s possible that NJPW shows could be post-produced by Impact’s production team or AXS could simply air NJPW repeats until the situation is resolved. The NJPW on AXS announce team is not signed to AXS, so Anthem could even have Impact announcers provide voiceover commentary for new content if they wanted.

As for WOW, they have thirteen episodes for the first half of the second season, which will air as planned. They will tape episodes for the second half of the season, which begins airing in January. WOW will likely be on the air through at least the end of the year.

Impact Wrestling is expected to move to AXS from the Pursuit Channel soon.