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Notes On Edge & Liv Morgan Referencing Released Talent on Last Week’s Raw

December 7, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Edge WWE Smackdown

A new report has some details on Edge and Liv Morgan’s promos that referenced released talent on last week’s episode of Raw. As noted last week, Edge made reference to John Morrison’s recent release during his promo about Edge, while Morgan made reference to the Riott Squad’s release by claiming Becky Lynch’s contract was the reason her friends weren’t there anymore.

According to Fightful Select, Edge has much more say in his promos than other talent people within WWE said that if he didn’t want to say the line, he probably wouldn’t have had to. It was noted that neither his nor Morgan’s line came from Vince McMahon, although he of course has final say over everything that makes it to TV so he could have nixed the lines and many in the company thought he should have.

There were no known cases of heat on anyone in regard to the lines, and one source said it was “just another part of the show.” The lines were not a big point of discussion among those the outlet spoke to, and those referenced in the promos apparently took it well.

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