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Pantoja’s WWE SummerSlam 2022 Review

July 31, 2022 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Pantoja’s WWE SummerSlam 2022 Review  

WWE SummerSlam

July 30th, 2022 | Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee

We’ve got our first ever July SummerSlam. I need to preface this review with the fact that I have some really good tequila that I’ll be drinking throughout the show.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Bianca Belair [c] vs. Becky Lynch

Their WrestleMania match was fantastic (****¼) though I didn’t need them to rehash this. Bianca has been the best women’s wrestler in the States for the past two years. We got past the 26 seconds mark, making it an improvement over last year. Becky won out during the opening exchanges by targeting the arm. Nearly every move that she did was designed to go after that body part. I loved Bianca countering an arm wringer with a bit of handspring offense. Becky busting out Nigel McGuinness style offense and Diamond Dust was also welcome. These two had great counters for each other, including Bianca catching a leaping Becky with a powerbomb. While they did a lot good, a few things did feel awkward or mistimed and it was visible. It might’ve been impacted by Becky landing roughly on her shoulder in the opening minutes. The closing stretch saw more big offense, including Bianca surviving the Manhandle Slam. Bianca retaliated with a Bret’s Rope Spanish Fly and the KOD to retain after 15:01. That had really good to great elements in it but a few things held it back. [****]

Becky Lynch shook Bianca’s hand and embraced her after the bell. Bianca really feels like the biggest star in the company not named Roman Reigns. Her celebration was cut short by the return of Bayley to a huge pop. She looks incredible. She stopped halfway down the aisle and then we got Dakota Kai. WHAT THE FUCK? SHE’S BACK? AND THEN IO SHIRAI! TRIPLE H IS A MADMAN. They stood up to Bianca but Becky backed Bianca and we had a faceoff. I loved this and am excited for where it goes next.

Logan Paul vs. The Miz

Miz was out with Maryse (who looked 12/10) and Ciampa. Logan is so miscast as a babyface. I do appreciate that he has a face moveset, doing athletic things like an Asai moonsault. He was also there to mock Miz and hold onto that arrogance. Of course, Miz took over and slowed the pace, which makes total sense. He needs to lead the way. Logan turned the tide with a Blockbuster, which Miz apparently taught him in the build to WrestleMania. I like little things like that. He also busted out a Figure Four, which is a Miz signature these days. Ciampa attempted to get involved and was ejected. However, he refused to leave, which triggered the arrival of AJ Styles from the crowd with a Phenomenal Forearm. Paul got two on an Solid Forearm (it was a mediocre attempt at a Phenomenal one) and then hit a WILD frog splash through the announce table. It was seriously a massive spot for him. Maryse distracted the referee, almost got hit, and then Paul won with the Skull Crushing Finale in 14:15. Logan turned the fans around on him and Miz made sure he looked like a million bucks. That was some classic sports entertainment. [***½]

WWE United States Championship: Bobby Lashley [c] vs. Theory

Their match at Money in the Bank was strong (***¼). Theory jumped Lashley before the bell with the briefcase to give himself the upper hand. There wasn’t really much to this match outside of that. Despite the early advantage, Theory was quickly put back by Lashley. He tried to walk out with the briefcase but Lashley cut him off and brought him back for an ass whopping. That included a sick press slam that was turned into the Hurt Lock, ending this in 4:42. One-sided but entertaining. [**]

No Disqualifications Match: Damian Priest and Finn Bálor vs. The Mysterios

We’ve seen this a bunch without the stip over the past few months. Solid pop for Rey and Dom but I’m booing Finn wrestling in long tights. This suffered from a big problem I have with No DQ matches with someone outside. Rhea was at ringside but didn’t just help beat on the faces. They logically could’ve had a 3-on-2 advantage so it makes no sense. Maybe bar Rhea from ringside or have her get taken out some way. Without it, it’s lazy. Also, they had tags here which makes less sense. That made this feel like a regular tag, complete with tag formula and a hot tag to Rey. It was only maybe seven minutes before we got a chair but it felt like an eternity. Judgment Day had this won until a modified version of the Brood theme hit and we got Edge’s return, complete with the fire and everything. He took out Priest and Finn, leaving them set up for the double 619 and the faces won in 11:07. The match itself was fine but made no sense so that’s a problem. [**]

Happy Corbin vs. Pat McAfee

Corbin’s entrance was interrupted by a choir singing “Bum Ass Corbin.” WWE cheaped out and we didn’t get “Seven Nation Army” for Pat here. Thanks to the crowd getting under his skin, Corbin found himself in early trouble as Pat fired off a superkick and a big rana. Pat landed on his feet on a move off the top but it got much less of a reaction than it has in his prior few matches. I think that commentary was a big help here. Unlike most nights, Corey clearly favored Corbin and Cole was 100% behind McAfee. Basically, Corbin handled the regular stuff and Pat would sell and hit a hope spot with something like a plancha from time to time. It made sense structurally and garnered the right response from the crowd. Pat’s superplex was a big spot. It came a bit before a ref bump that set up the finish. Pat punted Corbin low and won with a diving Code Red in 10:43. That was a good, solid match with a strong crowd. [***]

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship: The Usos [c] vs. The Street Profits

Their match at Money in the Bank was tremendous (****½). The Profits came out in Titans gear and had the cheerleaders with them. This wasn’t anywhere near the level of their last meeting. None of it was really bad but it just never seemed to hit that next gear that we got at MITB. They had good back and forth action but never really brought the late drama. The heat from the Usos and the hot tag stuff played out as it usually does and that was entertaining. Like, I don’t even vividly recall what happened because it was uninspiring. Ford hit the Frog Splash for a near fall but took too long to cover due to his ribs. That led to him getting overly angry at Jeff Jarrett, who brought the match down with this special referee gimmick. The Usos won with 1D in a FLAT ending after 13:21. That was a good, standard tag but it was a big disappointment with a lame finish. [***¼]

Riddle came in through the crowd to demand a piece of Seth Rollins. Seth answered and security and officials tried to stop him. They brawled in the aisle and into the ring where Seth hit him with another Curb Stomp and strutted to the back.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Liv Morgan [c] vs. Ronda Rousey

Switching the title now would be a massive mistake. Ronda tossed Liv around a bit and got her into submission attempts for a lot of the early stages. Liv surprised me by turning a crucifix into the Rings of Saturn. Ronda was able to power out but it was still a cool spot. Liv got trapped in the armbar but scurried to the ropes. She got stuck again and made it to the ropes once more but was hurt. The referee and a medic had to come check on her but she said she was good. Ronda did the submission again but Liv got up and turned it into a pin. As the referee counted to three, Liv tapped. It went 4:35 and this was a case of a double finish. Not much here. I get the idea of it but it wasn’t a great showing for Liv, who needed it. [**¼]

The replay showed that the tap came before the pin. A pissed Ronda snapped and threw Liv around before doing so to the referee too. Good, she was COLD as a face.

Shitty Kane came out to announce the attendance.

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns [c] vs. Brock Lesnar

This is not a good feud. They met at WrestleMania 31 (****¼), WrestleMania 34 (½*), Greatest Royal Rumble (*¾), SummerSlam 2018 (**), Crown Jewel 2021 (***½), and WrestleMania 38 (*½). Roman took six minutes for his entrance while Brock drove a tractor to the ring. Brock jumped off of it during introductions to attack Roman and get us off to a fast start. Brock threw Roman around outside with big suplexes but a Heyman distraction changed things for a bit. They just kept going through tables and doing big spots without it ever feeling cohesive. It was mostly just spots for spots’ sake. Brock got Roman in the tractor and dropped him onto the mat to try and win. Roman survived a bunch of F5s and more before they trade guillotine chokes. Brock used the tractor to push the ring and then lifted it, knocking Roman out of the ring. The Usos showed up and Heyman pleaded with Brock only for all three to get taken out, including Heyman eating an F5 through the table. Brock beat a bunch of counts after eating more offense from spears to shots with the title. Eventually, it took Brock getting buried under Roman, the Usos, and a bunch of weapons to end this in 22:51. That was so fucking dumb in the best way possible. I love dumb shit like tractor spots in wrestling. [****¼]

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
That show absolutely struggled in the middle but holy shit was it fun for the most part. The opener is great and the main event shocked me with how much of a blast it was. Logan Paul was even great out there. Plus, we had the Bayley/Io/Dakota setup. On top of that, this gets a boost because it was refreshing. There were fewer camera cuts, better commentary, and just a different, needed feel here.

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