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Powerhouse Hobbs On His Chemistry With Team Taz, Appearing On Carpool Karaoke

May 24, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ricky Starks Powerhouse Hobbs AEW Rampage 2-4-22 Image Credit: AEW

Powerhouse Hobbs is competing for the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Double or Nothing, and he recently talked about his chemistry with Team Taz, appearing on Carpool Karaoke and more. Hobbs spoke with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson for a new interview, and you can check out the highlights below:

On getting a Tag Team Championship opportunity at Double or Nothing: “I’m more than excited. I think you can hear my daughter in the background, she’s excited too … You know, I knew there would be a point where I would get here, I just didn’t know when and how soon, but I’m excited. Just like you said, coming from AEW Dark and anyone not knowing who I am outside of the Bay Area California is… I’m overwhelmed, I’m humbled and it has been a great experience. I believe that it’s my time and what better place to do it than sin city?”

On his chemistry with the other members of Team Taz: “We all had chemistry off the bat. You can go back and look at the tapes and see how much fun we’re having, that’s how we are when we’re not on camera. How you see me and Ricky every week on TV, that’s how we are in the gym, leaving the airport, if we decide to go out, that’s how we are, it’s the same thing when Hook is in my corner for every match, that’s just how we are, we got a special bond. It’s not necessary to be together all the time on every show, but neither was the Heenan Family when Bobby Heenan had all those greats with him, but when things get serious we all come back together. Like I said before, Team Taz is like a pot of gumbo, we each add something special to it, and so with Taz being the head honcho, we make sure we’re on the straight and narrow.”

On his match with CM Punk at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam: “I looked at it as a test. There are a lot of other talents that could have had that opportunity but I remember Punk going online on social media and mentioning my name as 1 of 5 guys that he’s been watching, that meant the world to me. And being his second match in the company, in 8 years I believe it was, it meant a lot and I felt I had to showcase what I could do. A lot of eyes were on me, a lot of eyes were on Punk and I believe that we delivered that night. I don’t think anyone left disappointed. I remember walking back to the locker room, walking past the fans and getting pats on the back, and later on hearing comments from Punk that he was proud of that match, so it meant the world. I’ve been on record before saying what that match meant, being my mom passed away a month prior to that match, so he knew that and he knew we had to go knock it out the park, and that’s what we did.”

On being part of the AEW Carpool Karaoke appearance: “I was happy. I’ve seen the show before and I’m definitely a fan of it. I get to show a different side of me, having fun, hanging out with people I normally don’t hang out with just to see how we all mesh together but I think everyone who watches our episode will have some laughs, might be shocked a little bit, you get to see my parenting skills in action.”

On why he clicks so well with Ricky Starks: “I just think it’s our personalities. He knows what I’m thinking before I can even say it and vice versa. Before we got together, I’ve known Ricky on the indies and now that we get to beat people up on national TV it makes things more fun. We’ve had our biggest moments together, we got signed about a month and a half apart from each other, birthdays are about 5 weeks from each other, that’s my brother. I’m glad to be doing what I’m doing with him and Hook and Taz. I don’t know what it was – we just gelled, I can’t really explain it.”

On the best advice he’s gotten from Taz: “The best advice he’s given me is to go out and be myself, be who I am, be that assassin that I am. Taz will let you know when you’re right and he’ll let you know when you’re wrong. He just reminds me of one of those OGs that you respect on the block, you just shut up and listen when he’s talking, and you can take his advice or not, but you see how many years Taz has been in the business, what he’s done in the business, and I would be a fool not to listen to him. “