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Promoter Claims Matt Sydal Stole Money From Them After Failing to Make Scheduled Event

December 3, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Matt Sydal - Evan Bourne

– The UK-based wrestling promotion, BCW, is accusing Matt Sydal of fraud and ripping the promotion off in a series of tweets earlier today. BCW in its messages on Twitter, which have since been deleted, accused Sydal of not showing up to the BCW he was booked and paid for.

Some of the tweets have since been deleted. But BCW management wrote the following on its official Twitter account (via Sportskeeda):

So @findevan gets a deposit for a booking then misses his flight and now thinks he should keep the deposit ?? Saying i can use it towards bringing him in next year. Im not interested so give me my $1200 back and stop being a thief to a genuine honest promoter

— bcwofficial (@bcwofficial) December 3, 2017

And also @findevan ?s agent @WilliamBehrens took the deposit through his paypal then when i requested it back said it was nothing to do with him and to deal with Matt although he dud refund his cut of the deposit $300 out of $1500 only $1200 still to be returned

— bcwofficial (@bcwofficial) December 3, 2017

Also per Sportskeeda, Sydal was paid $1,500 for the event, and his agent William Behrens received $300 of that amount. However, Behrens sent a letter to BCW saying that Sydal would not be able to make his scheduled BCW appearance in the UK because he missed his flight due to road traffic while getting to the airport.

BCW also published the following excerpt from Behrens’ letter to the company, “I know you wanted Matt to buy a new flight, but so too, if you wanted him there tomorrow, you could have bought the flight too. It’s why I gave you the info I research last night looking for the lowest fares.”

Behrens’ letter and BCW’s statements confirm that Behrens did in fact return his $300 share to the promotion. But Sydal has apparently yet to return his $1,200 deposit to BCW. Behrens also said that BCW should’ve attempted to pay for another airfare for Sydal, which would’ve cost about $1,300, and Sydal could’ve been able to make in order to get to the event in time.

BCW’s last tweet (seen above) indicates that Sydal can’t return the other $1,200 he was paid at the time because he already spent it. Sydal already reportedly responded to BCW, writing to them, “I’m trying to do right by you but you aren’t making it easy. I don’t have the deposit money. You should be a professional and use it towards a future show.”

Matt Sydal also currently works for Impact Wrestling, where he’s the Impact Grand champion.

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