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PWG House Show Results 2.24.08 – Dia De Los Dangerous

February 25, 2008 | Posted by Bayani Domingo

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Dia De Los Dangerous”
Sunday February 24th, Reseda, CA. Start Time: 5:15
Approximate Attendence: 226 – 276
(including Jimmy Yang)

1. DDT4 Qualifier Round Robin Series
The Youngbucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) defeats Scorpio Sky & Ronin – Pinfall via Roll-up on Ronin by Nick.

Probably one of the bet opening matches in years for PWG as all three SoCal regulars put on a great fast paced match which included Sky/Ronin coming out to the old nWo Wolfpac music, Ronin hitting a double release German Suplex, Matt Jackson getting a “Chuck Palumbo” chant and then breaking a light bulb hanging from the ceiling with a moonsault and having it explode all over the ring. Great chemistry between these teams and the match made up for last show’s somewhat disappointing performance. There was no clear face/heel team in this match and the crowd was extremely into the match. Arguably the 2nd if not…best match match of the night surprisingly. ***3/4

2. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Tournament Round 1
Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson defeats Frankie Kazarian –Pinfall via Pin countered Sunset Flip while holding the ropes

Frankie’s surprising return to PWG was met with cheers and “welcome back” chants from the crowd. Very competitive match with Kazarian controlling the first part of the match by outwrestling ‘Machine Gun’ with his quickness before Anderson came back with a few “short cuts” to control the later part of the match. Very solid effort from both competitors and Anderson had Kazarian in the Boston crab a few times with Kazarian getting the ropes once and powering out another time. Kazarian hit Anderson with the “Wave of the Future” only to have him kick out after a long two count. Finish came when ‘Machine Gun’ reversed a Sunset Flip attempt by sitting down and holding on to the ropes in the corner behind the referee’s back for the 3 count. Good match that blew off the infamous and little known “Sweet Hat Feud” of ’07. **3/4

3. DDT4 Qualifier Round Robin Series
Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star) defeats Hook Bomberry & TJ Perkins – Pinfall via Double Team Gut Buster on Hook.

The storyline continued between Hook playing heel and trying to take every possible shortcut and TJ trying to maintain his ‘face’ virtues. Los Luchas actually played semi-heel as well in this match. Los Luchas wrestled a very face paced and clean match this time around as they seemed to have an advantage over their ‘bickering’ opponents. The team of TJ Hooker had their problems but seemed to be working them out during the match as it seemed that Hook brought the personality and TJ brought the workrate. A few sloppy spots, but a much better effort than last show from both men. Finish came when Zokre had Hook in a Surfboard submission when Phoenix Star came in and lifted him into a spinning gutbuster on Zokre’s knees. TJ and Hook argued again after the match. **1/2

4. Candice LaRae defeats Daffney – Pinfall via Moonsault

A very decent match out of these two women as this was the first Women’s Match in PWG history. Daffney came out clad in green looked nothing like she did in her WCW run for those who are not familiar with her work in SHIMMER. She has definitely…”filled out” a bit in some good locations. Fairly by the book match which included mostly roll-up attempts by Candice while Daffney worked over a few power moves, slams, and a couple submissions. Candice managed a close submission while utilizing an Octopus hold on Daffney, but she countered into a modified Samoan Drop. There was a small group of morons in one corner of the venue that were drinking all night and kept yelling lewd remarks and cat calling the ladies, but for the most part the reception was very warm. Finish came when Candice hit a top rope Moonsault on Daffney. **

Human Tornado then rushed the ring to brutalize Candice LaRae after the match. Candice took a bit of a beating including an FU until Necro Butcher came out with a chair which led to…

5. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Tournament Round 1
Human Tornado defeats Necro Butcher in an apparent “No DQ Match” – Pinfall via Open Hart Surgery onto a pile of chairs covering Necro.

Somehow this match became a “No DQ” match unbeknownst to anyone prior to the ref not calling about a dozen chair shots after the bell was rung. Both men brawled all over the floor and into the crowd which was extremely dangerous since the venue was so small and people were scrambling to get out of the way. During the course of the match Necro too several unprotected chair shots to the head, Tornado took a back breaker onto two unfolded chairs lined up back to back, and Tornado took several throws and a Tiger Driver onto a pile of chairs. Finish came after Necro was hit with a “Dat N***a Dead” and Tornado piled chairs on top of him and hit him with an “Open Hart Surgery/Spiral Tap” from the top rope on to him. Fun brawl that put over the toughness of Human Tornado big time. ***3/4

***Intermission ***

Commissioner Dino Winwood and Commissioner of Food and Beverage Excalibur (who were doing live commentary from the “commentary booth” all night cut a short promo which includes the announcement that the winner of the upcoming tag team title match will defend the belts on March 7th in Reseda against…The Briscoe Brothers.

6. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match
“The Dynasty” Joey Ryan & Scott Lost (w/ Jade Chung) defeats “Incoherence” Delirious & Hallowicked – Pinfall via Rocket launcher into an Ace Crusher

For those of you with myspace you may want to check out Joey Ryan’s new …”look”. It’s a cross between “Wolf” from American Gladiators and Chuck & Billy. The match started off slow as both teams were feeling each other out, having not wrestled a tag match against each other before. Oddly Delirious was more understandable during his rants in the ring than most of his matches. After around 7 minutes the match started picking up as Hallowicked was singled out for most of the match. Lost and Hallowicked worked the majority of the match that included several “Schoolgirl” attempts by Incoherence as Delirious called them, a double team “Go to Sleepy Hollow”, a double team Super X-Factor, and a 4 man “Schoolgirl” by ‘wicked. Good solid and entertaining effort by both teams and outside of the KoW it was only the second time a team from CHIKARA has wrestled on a PWG show outside of the 6-man match several years ago. Crowd seemed fairly impressed with Hallowicked’s return to PWG. Finish came when ‘Wicked was launched from the top rope by Joey into a Cutter/Ace Crusher by Lost for the pin. Afterward Delirious cut a “promo”. ***1/4

7. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Tournament Final
Human Tornado Defeats Roderick Strong and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson by pinfall, via Springboard Open Hart Surgery on Anderson

Match began immediately with all three men going all out against each other instead of the typical “heels try to team up against the face until communication broke down”. Since two of the men had wrestled previously it was good to see no stalling or restholds during the match. Each man tried to score quick pinfalls before they could be broken up although at once point Anderson tried a Boston Crab on Tornado which was broken up by a running boot Roderick Strong, who then applied the Stronghold to Anderson which was broken up by Tornado with a kick to the face, and a Texas Cloverleaf by Tornado onto Strong. Plenty of dives by the competitors and it was shaping up to be a great match and easy MoTN until the finish came when Anderson was hit by a Springboard Spiral Tap/OHS by Tornado and it appeared that Strong had broken up the pin at 2 but the referee called for the bell and the win. It was a strange moment as the match was reaching the apex, but only about 11 or 12 minutes into the match the pinfall came out of no where. The crowd was in stunned silence as there was almost no cheering or booing after Tornado was declared the winner. A very good, but short match that ended kind of awkwardly and took away a little bit from the great effort by all three men. While Anderson was considered a longshot for the title he came across as very dominating and Strong was clearly the favorite in the match, but came up short yet again in a string of failed Title matches. Tornado is only the 2nd Two-Time World Champion after Frankie Kazarian. ***/12

The next show was announced to be March 7th back in Reseda and should feature The Dynasty vs The Briscoes.


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