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Raw Retrospective: Monday Night Raw 10.11.93

December 14, 2011 | Posted by Trace Aber
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Raw Retrospective: Monday Night Raw 10.11.93  

WWF RAW Episode Thirty-Five
October 11, 1993
Taped from New Haven, CT
Hosts: Vince McMahon, Macho Man and Bobby Heenan

Sorry for the long delay in reviews. School has been taking up my time over the last few months, but thankfully I’m on break and thus can catch up on some reviews. When we last left off, Razor Ramon and Rick Martel survived a 20-man battle royal and will meet tonight to determine the new Intercontinental Championship.

We kick things off with our hosts discussing their picks for the IC title match. Heenan picks the Model, while Macho Man picks the man with most “macho…or should I s ay machismo,” Razor Ramon.

Intercontinental Championship: Razor Ramon Vs Rick Martel
McMahon goes on a rant comparing Razor Ramon to Christopher Columbus and how this could be a great day for Hispanics everywhere. Martel showboats and gets a toothpick flicked at him in response. They lock up and take turns working the arm with Martel taking Ramon down and slapping the back of his head. Martel goes for another arm lock but Ramon powers out and tosses him in the turnbuckle and catches the Model in a fallaway slam. Martel cheapshots Ramon and wears him down with a front face lock. Ramon lifts Martel over the top rope to the apron then slingshots him back in for good measure. Ramon works the arm and Martel sells it like a perfect old school heel. The crowd hasn’t popped for anything but has been sustained throughout the entire match. We come back from break with Martel bodyslamming Ramon on the ground outside. Ramon stumbles back in the ring and is slammed in the turnbuckle three times before being hit with a back suplex for two. Martel continues pounding the back, which has now become the focal point of the match. Ramon goes down after a running knee to the back, which leads to the Boston Crab. Ramon manages to grab the bottom rope, forcing the hold to be broken. Martel hits a sloppy sidewalk slam and goes for the Boston Crab again, this time in the middle of the ring. Ramon flips out into a pin for two, Martel rolls over for two, both men get to their feet but Martel sends Ramon down with a dropkick for two. Nice sequence there. Martel misses a punch and gets placed on the top rope, but Ramon eats an elbow. Martel hits a crossbody and a clothesline for two. Martel bends down for a back body drop, eats a knee and Ramon hits a Razor’s Edge for three at 10:50. *** Good match helped by Martel’s psychology and the audience reaction. The pop afterwards help makes the moment seem like a big deal.
Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon

The Headshrinkers Vs Tommy Morrison and Sid Person
Vince gives Heenan a list of tag teams to go up against the Headshrinkers and Heenan promptly dismisses all of the possible choices. Morrison and Person take turns getting beat up by both Headshrinkers, with Fatu taking time to make silly faces. Fatu tosses Person, allowing Samu to bodyslam him on the outside. Popular spot tonight. The Headshrinkers double clothesline Person then force a tag to Morrison, who eats a double forward Russian leg sweep. Fatu hits the diving headbutt for the three at 3:50. DUD. Squash match and not much else.
Winners: The Headshrinkers

Owen Hart Vs Scott King
They’re already pushing the Survivor Series, something you’d never see this early nowadays. They’re not promoting any matches just yet, just the event itself. Little things like that help in the long run. Hart bodyslams King, works the arm and monkey flips him for good measure. Heenan confuses Helen Hart with “Fellatio Hart,” which seems pretty crazy for 1993 RAW. Gutwrench powerbomb, second rope elbow drop, belly to belly and a dropkick off the top rope leads to the Northern Lights Suplex for three at 3:33. * Not much to get excited about, but Owen looked good.
Winner: Owen Hart

Ludvig Borga comes out for a “special interview” with Vince McMahon. Fans start a “USA” chant, leaving Borga bewildered. He believes that USA stands for “U Stink A lot.” Well, he tried. He only says what he sees, and he sees a crumbling country filled with unemployed people. He doesn’t get why Luger stands up for the fine people of “U Stink A lot,” and Luger is a loser, just like every other American citizen. Luger comes out from the back, wearing his awesome flag pants and tucked in shirt. Luger doesn’t care what Borga says about him, but he’s sick and tired of Borga spewing Anti-American venom while collecting a paycheck here. Luger is going to learn Borga some respect, but where Borga is from people have to earn respect. The difference is the ‘l’. Luger, clearly not willing to earn respect, spits all over Borga while saying, “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.” Luger issues the challenge, but Borga is only hearing “blah blah and so forth.” Borga says he’ll fight him on his terms, then leaves to Luger’s music. What the fuck did I just watch?

They promote a “Savage-Crush Summit” for next week, with more details to follow!

Adam Bomb Vs Ross Greenberg
Adam Bomb is out with Harvey Wippleman, replacing Johnny Polo. Bomb pounds away in the corner and tosses Greenberg across the ring by the throat. Greenberg gets sent to the outside with a dropkick. Back in, Adam hits a slingshot shoulder tackle. Atom Smasher for the three at 2:30. DUD. This match happened.
Winner: Adam Bomb

They put over the summit again. Savage is under the impression it’s only going to be a verbal confrontation, with absolutely no physical contact happening. Heenan begs to differ, as should every wrestling fan ever.

The Rock N Roll Express Vs Barry Hardy and Duane Gill
Gibson hits an enziguri on Hardy, followed by a Morton running knee. Gill gets the tag only to get beat on some more. Gibson tags back in, the RnR Express double teams but the pinfall is broken up by Hardy. They work over the leg, send Gill to the outside, and a double dropkick leads to the pin at 1:50. DUD. Nothing match.
Winners: The Rock N Roll Express

The 411: Outside of the Intercontinental Championship match nothing of interest happened. The squash matches were bad even for squashes, and the Luger/Borga promo was confusing as hell. On the other hand, Heenan was gold tonight, so we’ll call it a wash.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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