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Ric Flair Addresses Heart Attack Spot During Last Match, Admits It Was in Poor Taste

August 31, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Ric Flair's Last Match Image Credit: FITE TV

– During a recent interview with The New York Post, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair discussed his Last Match show, where he headlined in his promoted “final match,” teaming with Andrade El Idolo against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett. Flair addressed his spot where he faked a heart attack mid-match, admitting that the moment was in bad taste, in light of his previous heart issues.

According to Flair, he performed the spot to slow down the match’s pacing. His son-in-law, Conrad Thompson, who promoted the event, also begged him before the match not to do the spot. Below are some highlights:

Ric Flair on the controversial spot being his idea: “I did that on my own. I told the referee [to tell] Jeff Jarrett to slow down. Boom, bring it back down and lay the rest of the match out. And we did that. That was an audible to get everybody back on the same track — slow down, I’m fine. It was not the plan. It was not in good taste. I realize that. It was the only thing that was going to keep everybody from going right to the finish.”

On what happened in the match that caused him to do the spot: “I made the mistake of saying to someone in the match that I felt lightheaded, so everybody jumped way too early [toward the finish of the match], and I just said [in my head] that this was the only way to slow it down.”

Many of Flair’s friends and family members were in attendance at the event, including his partner Wendy Barlow, daughter Charlotte Flair, and daughter Megan. The show was streamed live on FITE TV.