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Roman Reigns on His Plans to Smash Logan Paul, Triple H Taking Over for Vince McMahon in WWE

September 18, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Roman Reigns WWE SummerSlam 2022 Image Credit: WWE

– Following yesterday’s press conference in Las Vegas to announce Logan Paul vs. Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Roman Reigns spoke to SecondsOut’s Radio Rahim on the upcoming title matchup. Below are some highlights:

Reigns on how a matchup like this happens: “Well, I think WWE is a land of like the impossible. This is a place where you can possibly see Godzilla take on King Kong, you know what I mean. This is how we do it so we’re always trying to match make and create these opportunities and these moments that the fans have never seen before, you know especially with the fight game being the way it is. We want to go on the opposite end and just give the very best matchups, the best of the best against the best of the best. Like you said, he’s only in his going to be his third match. He showed a lot of really good promise, though, man. He’s got a huge following, he creates a lot of buzz, asses in the seats, you know the nine, but I think with all that buzz that he has, people overlook the fact that he is a good athlete. A good of an athlete as me? Probably not, but at the same time, with this amount of distraction with the amount of you know stuff I have on my plate with the length that I’ve been in this title reign, it’s so important that we keep our eye on the ball because anything can happen out there. You never know, man. You step out your front door, you slip, ankles, your whole day is messed up. That can happen, so we have to be crisp and we have to be just on point and making sure everything’s good, we’re gonna smash him. If I do all that, smash him. Done.”

His thoughts on Logan Paul disrespecting the athletes of WWE: “It’s just ignorance, man. Like, it’s fine from afar, but when I was sitting on the same stage and I hear some of that dumb s*** spewed out, of course it’s going to anger me, and things are going to pop off. But at the same time, before he came here, no disrespect, didn’t know who he was. I’m not a 15-year-old little girl. I don’t watch Logan Paul or any of the Paul YouTube vlog people. That’s not what I do. So I don’t have any problems with him not watching me because he was busy doing what he does, and that’s videotaping himself doing God knows what. So go videotape yourself doing God knows what and leave the true professionalism, the sports entertainment, the professional wrestling to people like me, and there’s nobody like me.”

His thoughts on Tyson Fury appearing at Clash at the Castle: “Well he did a solid. I think he was lost in the match along with everybody else that was in that stadium. He saw a guy like Austin Theory running down there, trying to interrupt this great battle that was taking place in front of them, and he pulled the trigger and he stopped it himself. So I think that was just him being a huge fan in the moment and not wanting that moment to be ruined by some dummy like Theory. He just stepped in and intervened and he allowed it to play out like a champion would want it to be seen, and then the true champion won the match and everything you know is how it needs to be. The world is perfect.”

On the other Superstars who want his spot and title: “Be so good nobody can take your spot. I don’t care who they bring in. You can bring anyone in, and they ain’t going to take the Tribal Chief’s spot.”

Roman Reigns on how WWE is different with Triple H in charge: “It’s a different perspective coming from me. You know I think Triple H has done a great job. It’s got to be madness trying to step into that role and fill those type of shoes. I said it before, taking over for someone like John Cena felt like, ‘Man, this is pretty difficult.’ I could not imagine trying to take over for Vince McMahon. So you know, huge respect to him. I know he’s got his hands full but he’s the guy for the job, 100%, and I know he’s going to do a good job. But for me, you know, I have a great relationship with Vince. I have a great relationship with Triple H, so it hasn’t really changed too much for me.”

On how his match with Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia will go: “I’m going to go out there and do what I do, man. It’s about consistency. That creates Longevity. If you can do something — nowadays, you have to continue to do it. There ain’t no 15 minutes of fame. There’s not a, ‘Look at me, this one night, I did great.’ They’re going to forget about you. So we continue to put in the work, showcase the skills that dictate that we’re on top of for that reason. And I take every opportunity, as the Wise Man always says, and audition to come back the next week. So after we’re done, the world is going to remember, ‘Yeah, he’s the baddest dude alive. The GOAT! He smashed Logan Paul.’ They’re going to love it when we come back the next week.”

Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul for the WWE Universal Undisputed Championship will go down at WWE Crown Jewel 2022 on November 5. The match will be broadcast live on Peacock in the US and the WWE Network everywhere else.

If using the above quotes, please credit Radio Rahim with Seconds Out, with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.