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UPDATED: Kofi Kingston, Jay Lethal & More Issue Statement on Behalf of Shad Gaspard’s Family After He Goes Missing

May 18, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Shad Gaspard

UPDATED: Kofi Kingston has issued a statement on behalf of Shad Gaspard’s family as the WWE alum remains missing after being caught in a riptide on Sunday. Kingston shared a message from the Gaspard family, which was also posted by Jay Lethal and Ezekiel Jackson, which you can see below:

ORIGINAL: TMZ reports that former WWE wrestler and Cryme Tyme member Shad Gaspard is currently missing after getting caught in a rip tide during a swim at the beach yesterday.

He was with his ten year old son at the time, along with other swimmers. The current hit around 4 PM and caught them all, with lifeguards racing to get them out. An official with the Los Angeles Fire Department stated they think Gaspard “did submerge.” Divers are searching the ocean while helicopters are looking from above.

A witness stated that when lifeguards went to save the swimmers, Gaspard told them to save his son first, so they did. After that, a large wave came down on Gaspard and he wasn’t seen again. The photo that officials are using to search for him was taken earlier in the day before the wave hit.

We will keep you updated on this story as it progresses, and hope for the best for Gaspard and his family.

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