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Shelton Benjamin Reveals WWE Scrapped Reunion for The Hurt Business, Pitch for a Paige Romance

July 9, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE TLC The Hurt Business Shelton Benjamin Cedric Alexander Bobby Lashley, MVP Image Credit: WWE

– During a recent interview with Metro UK’s Alistair McGeorge, former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin discussed being part of The Hurt Business in WWE, how WWE scrapped plans for a reunion of the group, and his pitch for a romance storyline with Paige (aka Saraya) in WWE. Below are some highlights:

Shelton Benjamin on The Hurt Business: “I consider that one of my defining contributions to the wrestling business. Definitely cut short too soon – way, way, way too soon. I feel like there’s even to this day, there’s still so much more that Hurt Business could offer. But again, we don’t make those calls. That was just a decision. Like I said, love it or hate it, just gotta live with it and move on.”

On WWE scrapping plans for a return of The Hurt Business: “There was definitely conversation and planning for the Hurt Business to make a return. Then things just changed. They set dates, the dates changed and things changed. Then suddenly it was like, ‘Nope, we’re just not doing it. That was… that was a kick in the balls.”

On the potential the group had: “I love being a part of helping people succeed. But in the case of the Hurt Business, I felt like there was so much more for every individual in that to really elevate themselves within the company. I think the fact that there was no Hurt Business versus Bloodline war is one of the biggest mishaps in pro wrestling.”

On his storyline pitch for an angle with Paige: “[A] pitch I had, I wanted to be – this is when I came back the second time. I think Paige [now Saraya in AEW] was the general manager for Smackdown. The idea was, I will start off as kind of her bodyguard, but I think it was it was going to turn romantic and that was all – they were all set to do that, and then it just didn’t happen.”

Shelton Benjamin was released by WWE in September of last year. He’s currently a free agent.