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(Spoilers) Dragon Gate USA PPV Taping Results

January 24, 2010 | Posted by Chris Lansdell

Results from Matt Carter and PWInsider.

I attended last night’s Dragon Gate USA PPV taping in Chicago at the Congress Theater and thought I would send along the results and some quick notes about the show.

I hit some traffic so I missed most of the first Bonus Match, but did catch the winner.

The Bonus Card:

6 Way Elimination Match winner Kyle O’Reily.
I walked in as soon as he made the pin.

AAW Championship Match winner Silas Young over Hallowicked.
This was a really nice match. Hallowicked does a good job of making Silas look good with the win.

Jon Moxley then won a quick squash match.
This match wasn’t announced and wasn’t very long. I didn’t catch the name of the opponent. He was a pale guy with red hair and didn’t get in much offense.

The Main Card:

Opens with Brian Kendrick and Jon Moxley calling out Tommy Dreamer. They called him old and washed up (among other things) and waited for him to come out. They ended up leaving the ring looking all happy and proud of themselves.

Special Attraction Match winner TJP over Gran Akuma
This was a decent match that went pretty fast. I’ve never seen TJP before, but he was quite impressive. He made Gran Akuma tap to a sharp shooter variation for the win

I am wondering if that match or the opening angle will be on the show, because now we start a countdown and the crowd gets pumped

Tag Team Challenge Match winners Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw over CIMA and Super Crazy.
The crowd went completely nuts for Super Crazy. CIMA and Quack were also both fairly over with the crowd. This was a Chikara style tag match in that there were some really fun comedy moments. Super Crazy had a couple hilarious spots, one being that he used two thunder sticks to clean house. It was really a fun tag match and would be a great opener for the PPV.

In between this match the announcer told us that Dragon Gate USA will return to Chicago and the Congress Theater on September 25, 2010. Awesome!

Special Attraction Match winner Brian Kendrick over Jimmy Jacobs
Before the match started, Kendrick talked with Jacobs about them being artists in the ring. Then Kendrick started to insult Jacobs and brought out….LACEY! So Lacey was in Kendrick’s corner for the match. This was, by far, the best Kendrick match I’ve seen him in since WWE. He and Jacobs worked together well and it was a good match. The ending saw Lacey make out with Jacobs and Kendrick attack from behind for the win. After the match, Jon Moxley comes out to celebrate the win with Kendrick and offer Jacobs some more beating and taunting. They ended up having Moxley clothesline Lacey as well. The crowd ate that up. Then out comes the extreme surprise Tommy Dreamer to make the save. Tommy clears the ring of everyone but Moxley and the brawl is on. Tommy fights Moxley outside of the ring through the crowd. A couple of chair shots and they make their way back to the ring and Dreamer ends up finishing Moxley off with a DDT. Tommy gives us his pose to the camera and we get Man In A Box. Quite a few ECW and Thank You Tommy Chants during this segment. Part of me wonders, though, if this will also get cut from the PPV.

FIP World Championship match winner and new champion Davey Richards over Masaki Mochizuki
This match was kind of a let down. With all the great matches I’ve seen Davey in lately, this one wasn’t as good. Now compare this to most matches, and it was great. It seemed like Mochizuki’s offense was all kicks and that limited the match. I don’t know, something just seemed a bit off. It was good and stiff, just not quite as good as I had hoped. Davey won with a submission hold. It was either a cross arm bar or triangle choke variation as I couldn’t really see it from my vantage point on the stage.

Now its intermission time. Tommy was doing autographs with an 8×10 for $10 and a free picture (so said the dude next to me). I rushed out and bought my seat for the Sept 25 return. The ticket features Yoshino this time. Back from intermission with 2 matches to go

Elimination 3 Way Dream Tag Team Match winners Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino.
The first team eliminated was the Young Bucks. They had some new tights on that were almost a combination of the Generation Me and tie dyed Young Bucks tights. There were just way too many awesome things in the match to even talk about. It was full of awesome moments. I think everyone will love this match!

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match winner and still champion BxB Hulk over Dragon Kid
CIMA comes out with Dragon Kid and it seems that Kid must be in his stable now. He is doing all his gestures and whatnot. BxB Hulk does have dancers with him, but really they should have just skipped them. The two chicks were kinda cute, but they were just awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if they edit this out, it was that bad. The dark haired dancer had no clue what she was doing at all. Think Kelly Kelly in Extreme Expose only a few notches worse than that. This was a bit of a surprise match to me. I expected a high flying affair and got something totally different. While there were a couple spots, this was a really really good and well thought out match. I was seriously impressed. The two guys matched up well and really told a great story. Another awesome, awesome match. I loved it. The match celebration was ended when it seemed like everyone and their brother came out to beat on BxB Hulk. Finally CIMA comes out with an actual broom to clean house. It was really fun. He gave us a speech that was a bit difficult to understand, but he was trying really hard and the crowd loved it.

Some quick things I noticed:
Lenny Leonard and Chikarason (I think) did live commentary. They had a set up on the balcony and were calling the PPV live. They weren’t camera ready or anything and I assume they can re do some audio in post production as well, but thought it interesting that they at least called the matches live to tape. I never noticed Quack doing any matches, but he was involved in the final run in so that may be why. Lots of the wrestlers watched the show from the balcony. I say the crowd was at least 600 but not more than 900. All of the seats were full from what I could tell, but this venue could hold 10 times as many people. The Congress seems like an old, run down hole but it really is a great venue for DGUSA shows. I saw Dave Prazak at the show. ROH and Shimmer had a table with DVDs at a good price. There was a table with DGUSA stuff and even the Japanese DVDs. Another table seemed like they were from the lucha shows that run at the Congress. They had mostly masks. The line for Tommy Dreamer was really long and he looked like he was having a great time. I would say that the best match was the 3 way tag followed closely by BxB Hulk/Dragon Kid and the opening tag match with Quack and Jigsaw. In my opinion, it was another homerun for DGUSA. I had an excellent time. If anyone is thinking of coming to the Sept 25th show, try to avoid the two sides of the ring. The video and still photographers were still there and blocked a lot of action. I did that last show and really had a much better time being at another vantage point. I say go for the hard camera side, the stage, or just general admission. GA seats for $20 really are a good deal because it is an excellent view back there, you just don’t get to see the bonus card. I would say that the best match was the 3 way tag followed closely by BxB Hulk/Dragon Kid and the opening tag match with Quack and Jigsaw. In my opinion, it was another homerun for DGUSA.


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