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T-BAR Calls Eric Bischoff ‘An Inspiration’ For RETRIBUTION After Bischoff Slams Stable

September 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

T-BAR is taking Eric Bischoff’s argument that RETRIBUTION “sucks” in stride, pointing out (with tongue firmly in cheek) why Bischoff is such an inspiration for them. The Raw stable member was not kind to RETRIBUTION in comments on his recent podcast episode, saying that the group and storyline “sucks” and says that while it had potential, the lack of cohesive storytelling has killed any chances it had.

In response, T-BAR — who has been very active on his Twitter account, taking shots at Chris Jericho and declaring both X-Pac and Booker T as “safe” from the group, wrote:

“Thank you @EBischoff. You are a huge inspiration for #RETRIBUTION! We too aspire to one day destroy a billion dollar wrestling company and bury it under fiery wreckage.”