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The Bella Twins On If Total Divas Could Still Have More Magic In It

July 22, 2022 | Posted by Ashish
Total Bellas - Season 3 WWE Image Credit: E! Entertainment

In a recent interview with TV Insider, The Bella Twins talked about the success of Total Divas and how the show could still have some magic left in it with the right cast of characters.

Nikki on how Total Divas can make more magic with the right people: “It doesn’t get enough credit. I believe it was also a reason why we had more girls showing up. Here were these reality fans that believed in us and our stories inside and outside the ring. They wanted to come to watch it live and grew into fans. It changed the game so much for us. It made people believe in women’s wrestling. I do hope it does come back down the line, being an executive producer. I’ve always had such strong opinions about it. I do hope it comes back because we have so many interesting and amazing women….I think we can make more magic happen with Total Divas, but it has to be the right people behind it. We started to go in a direction where it became more to do with bad girls’ club drama. It’s why we walked away. I was like, ‘That’s not what these women are about. That’s not why people want to watch. They want to watch because after they wanted that hour of TV they felt something. They felt belief, empowerment, strength, inspiration.’ I think we can get back to that.”

Brie on how someone like Becky Lynch would be great on Total Divas: “It would be awesome to see a Becky Lynch on there. Does she cry after a match? Does she kiss her daughter before she comes out? I think if viewers saw the same moments you saw on Total Divas, you would connect to them in a different way and in a bigger light. I think it would make stars, too.”

The show premiered back in 2013 and ran for nine seasons. The Bellas ultimately used the success of the show to spinoff their own reality series, Total Bellas, which ran for six seasons.

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