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The Graysons Bestowed Backseat Boyz Gimmick By Johnny Kashmere

January 25, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Backseat Boyz Johnny Kashmere CZW Image Credit: CZW

The Backseat Boyz will live again, with Johnny Kashmere bestowing the gimmick on the team of The Graysons, PWInsider reports that Kashmere, who teamed with the late Trent Acid under the name from 2000 until Acid’s passing in 2010, has given the name to Tommy and JP Grayson. The Graysons are set to debut as The Nu Backseatz at Empire State Wrestling’s March 18th show in Buffalo. Kashmere will hold a passing of the torch at Wrestling Is Now’s Big Fight on March 31st in Ridgewood Park, New Jersey.

According to the site, the plan is to release vignettes online building to the torch passing, which will then see Kashmere take on the role of manager to the team. Donnie B was the manager to the original team. The site notes that the plan is to have the team use some of the Backseat Boyz’ signature looks and “evolve the gimmick” for the current era, paying tribute to Acid as well as Jay Briscoe. The Briscoes were regular opponents of the Backseat Boyz in CZW.