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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (7.10.1993)

April 6, 2016 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (7.10.1993)  

-Originally aired July 10, 1993.

-We’re in Council, VA, at Council High School.
-Your hosts are Bob Caudle & Dr. Dutch. Jobber Mike Sampson gets the lucky draw for Beat the Champ. Some topical humor from Dutch to start the show, as he takes out a can of Pepsi, announces “I am not afraid!,” and takes a big swig of it. Hold on, checking Google…Oh yeah, the syringe hoax, I remember that…

-Bob Caudle announces the Most Popular Wrestler contest. The votes will be tabulated in Knoxville at the end of August, and one fan will be randomly selected from all of the entries that picked the winner; that lucky fan gets a new color TV. Honestly, why was “color” still a selling point in 1993?

-I really do like the fact that Jim Cornette figured out a perfectly believable, organic way to suddenly start pushing a jobber as a star if he was ready to do it. “Beat the Champ” was a brilliant concept.

-They trade arm wringers while Dirty White Boy joins commentary and complains about how everybody in SMW is talking about Bobby Blaze when the truth is all he did was get lucky once. Blaze got overexcited and signed a bunch of open contracts, and DWB reveals that he signed all of them just to get revenge.

-Blaze misses a bodypress and Sampson takes full advantage with boots and choking. Slams and elbows get a two-count while DWB announces that, tragically, Mr. Ron Wright isn’t here because he needs yet ANOTHER surgery, and that’s why he needs the $1,000 a week prize money for Beat the Champ.

-Sampson misses a second-rope fist drop. Blaze comes back but gets a boot to the face. Sampson looks to finish him off, but Blaze gets a legsweep out of nowhere and finishes with a missile dropkick to retain the pretend belt. Seriously, it doesn’t have to be a belt. Just make a medal, or a shiny baton or something for him to hold.

-Bobby Blaze says his win this week proves he’s not a fluke, he can actually win a match by being the better man in the ring.

-Tracy Smothers wants a piece of Brian Lee and “Tammy Wytch with a Capital B.” He basically says Brian is pussy-whipped and promises to get his revenge. Bob Armstrong says Cornette can’t run away with his dumpy body, and Bob is gonna chase him all over Kentucky.

-Funny bit to follow, as we watch Tammy Fytch strip down to her bikini again from last week’s show, “in response to many requests.”

-We go to house show action, the long awaited Tracy Smothers/Tim Horner match. An atomic drop wipes out both wrestlers AND the referee. Brian Lee and Tammy Fytch come to ringside and Lee knocks out Horner with a loaded glove. Smothers regains consciousness, sees Horner knocked out, and presumes that he simply woke up first, so he goes for the pin. The fans freak out at Smothers going for the pin, so he gets up at two and tries to figure out what they’re trying to show him. He spots Brian Lee at ringside, and the match erupts into a brawl between Smothers & Lee, with Horner just starting to wake up.

-Tracy Smothers is here and he has more words for Brian Lee. He was the one who went to the hospital with Brian Lee when he got ambushed by Kevin Sullivan, and now Smothers can’t wait to send Lee back to the hospital. Brian Lee shows up and promises to collect the $20,000 bounty on Smothers’ head.

-Tammy Fytch calls Smothers a bumpkin. Smothers says he hears rumors that Fytch bought Lee a house, a car, a pool, and a Jacuzzi. Smothers gets in Fytch’s face and has a severe dyslexia attack when he insults her, saying “You’re used to paying people for your services!” I’m pretty sure he meant that the other way, but Fytch pretends to be insulted by being told that she has a lot of money, so she slaps Smothers and blinds him with hairspray. Brian Lee lays a beating on Tracy.

-Bob Caudle announces that at a recent match in Japan, Kevin Sullivan attacked and nearly blinded Kanemura. The tape is too shocking to air on US television, so they won’t show it here, however, as a result of this…drum roll…the Sullivan/Kanemura match will not happen at SummerBlast. Aha! I knew it! So yes, it’s official, Corny nearly killed off his own company by accident for no reason.

-Bruise Brothers come into the ring and destroy the jobbers. Jim Cornette grab the mike and says he didn’t think these wimps looked good enough for the Rock & Roll Express. So he gives them a choice. Leave the arena or put the belts on the line right now. Ricky & Robert exchange a look, then calmly hand their belts to the referee.

TAG TEAM TITLE: ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (Tag Team Champions) vs BRUISE BROTHERS (with Jim Cornette)
-To keep this straight, I’m just going to say Don is the one starting the match. Bodypress/dropkick combo by the Express looks to finish right away but Don kicks out with both opponents covering him. Ron tags in and grounds Ricky. He tosses Ricky out to the floor and Don attacks him outside, ramming him into the barricade. Cornette adds a tennis racquet shot.

-Don press slams Ricky back into the ring, and Ron boots Ricky in the stomach so hard it’s a wonder his soles aren’t covered in eggs afterward. Powerslam by Ron, and he chokes Ricky out. Don chokes him out from the floor while Gibson protests. Corner charge misses and Gibson tags in. Gibson fights off both opponents. Morton recovers to help with the double dropkick, but the referee gets distracted and the twins pull the ol’ switcheroo. KILLER lariat by Ron gets two. Cornette adds a tennis racquet shot from the floor, and that’s enough to finish off Gibson, and the Bruise Brothers are YOUR new SMW Tag Team Champions. Good big vs. little match.

-Jim Cornette declares that justice has finally prevailed. A team that has actual talent wins the gold, instead of a team that brings nothing to the table except a bunch of dimbulb hillbilly fans. The Bruise Brothers are now setting their sights on the Armstrong Family, who are a little distracted from training because of their upcoming appearance on “Oprah” about family members who married each other. Express interrupts the gloating to brawl. Action spills back into the ring, and the Heavenly Bodies show up to turn it into a 4-on-2 mauling. Armstrong Brothers show up to even the sides. Killer Kyle and Cornette adds some shots with his tennis racquet, so it’s now a 6-on-4 mauling. And then Bob Armstrong shows up and he has a baseball bat. Bob Armstrong absolutely goes Goodfellas on everything that moves until Cornette’s men retreat to the locker room.

-Bob Armstrong declares himself the Buford Pusser of SMW. I’m hoping he means actual Buford Pusser, because the mental image of Joe Don Baker in SMW is…not what I think he was aiming for.

-Cornette cuts a hell of a promo on the upcoming cross-promotional shows SMW is doing with local radio stations. I think he goes a full minute without taking a breath.
-Chris Candido walks out, crying. He hates being accused of cheating because he’s from New Jersey. Tim Horner walks out and asks for a match. Candido stops crying long enough to accept the challenge. Horner mumbles “crybaby” and walks off.

The final score: review Good
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Good collection of angles as usual for this group.