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TNA News: Frustrations With Wrestle-1 Over Bound For Glory, How Announcing Was Handled

October 13, 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– There were reportedly frustrations on TNA’s side with Wrestle-1 leading into last night’s Bound For Glory. Wrestle-1 was originally going to handle certain aspects of the show financially and on the production side, but that changed after the show was announced and planning for the PPV was underway.

– Taz and Mike Tenay called the show “live” in studio as it was being broadcast in the US.

– As previously reported, TNA has no more live events set for 2014 now that Bound For Glory is in the books.

Credit: PWInsider

  • duh

    obligatory TNA is dying

  • dennett316

    Well gee, who’d have thought that handing over a lot of control for your version of Wrestlemania would mean that stuff happened you weren’t going to be happy with? Who could have seen THAT coming? Other than anyone with half a brain, of course.

  • paladin181

    Death Knell number 5,301,128

  • I guess muta really is shady, he even put himself over…well played sir.

    • XXXZOOM!

      TNA is shady, Muta was just triumphant over them.

  • Fontre

    Why ‘Live’? The commentary was indeed live.

    Good job by Tenay btw.

    • koberulz

      Because it was live relative to the PPV airing, but not live relative to the things actually happening.

  • Rob

    And people wonder why TNA is in the position it is in?

  • Morgan Lcoked Jr

    Was it just me or Tenay actually did a pretty good job last night?

  • vantheman77

    I can’t see TNA continuing their relationship with Wrestle-1 after BFG and I doubt we’ll see Bully Ray again. TNA needs to rethink its business model.

    • vantheman77

      There was a reason why Jeff Jarrett was up there and it’s likely to counter Dixie’s casual business acumen with his wrestling knowledge of experience. Now without him, it’s the blind leading the blind.

      With EC3 and Bram doing well, I think the kind of WWE talent that TNA should go after are from NXT. Not the established WWE stars from the main roster.

  • Wow and the bad news keep coming

  • StonePitbull vs DezmondXavier

    btw i hope they can keep their relationship,at least i hope to see Kaz Hayashi in TNA again

  • katamari damacy

    How could Bully Ray go into business for himself? the show was pre-taped, if he really was going into business for himself, they could have easily cut it off.

    • katamari damacy

      It also could have been a strategic reveal with TNA wanting to get back into NJPW’s good graces.
      NJPW still publicly references AJ Styles’ TNA career afterall.

      • Michael Dundee

        Maybe njpw knows that JJ may end up owning tna again at some point

      • katamari damacy

        Supposedly, NJPW sent OKADA to TNA specifically so he would get booked poorly so that when he returned and had a rocket strapped to his ass, he’d be more appreciative of the push. I would venture to assume the same with Tanahashi.
        NJPW may be playing the odds. Jarrett currently has nothing to show for his new promotion. No TV deals, no signees. NJPW might just be hedging its bets and TNA is more than happy to play along to get in bed with the #2 wrestling promotion in the world.

  • Stan Gojira

    This deal is getting worse all the time!

  • Unclefroggy

    Oh they had some problems….. That was unexpected

  • Chi-town rumbler

    I hope the carters sell the fucking company already..enough catering to a daughter that hasnt got a clue and has long ran her course. She needs to be removed also tna may even want to rename themselves.Its not like they have to rebrand themselves sinve they have failed for twelve years to successfully build and establish a brand. Unfortunately they have been branded as the black eye of wrestling entertainment. They need to get away from the leach bully ray that has zero buisness being on my tv in 2014. Start with raiding the indy circuits and build the show around wrestling ,Minimal .entertainment and outrageous storylines.Simplicity with storytelling having a less is more approach.Of course none of this will probably happen and Dixie somehow likely thinks they are still relevant and are even a competition to the WWE.

  • Nelson Muntz

    Bully played TNA and used the PPV to shill for his feud with the Bullet Club in some other puro fed, lol. Absolutely no one gives a rat turd about TNA anymore.

    • Guest

      That was the intention, but all mentions of NJPW were removed from the broadcast.

      • Nelson Muntz

        You could still see the shirt on the floor at the end of the promo, they only edited the speech out (which Bully was using to promote his coming run in New Japan for the live audience). Team 3d did this PPV to hype their NJPW run, no way around it.