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Top 7 Dark Side of the Ring Episode Ideas – Arn Anderson vs. Sid Vicious, 1990s WWE Sex Scandal, More

May 23, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
Arn Anderson

I’ve always been a bit of a history buff. It was my best subject in school & is still something I dig into whenever possible. Since pro wrestling is another one of my passions, it only makes sense for me to consume as much wrestling history as I possibly can.

So of course I was all about Viceland’s Dark Side of the Ring series. I feel it’s important that the history of wrestling not be forgotten, lest we be doomed to repeat it over & over. (By the way, the saying “Those to fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it” is a bunch of bull. We all learn history and keep doing the same stupid things our ancestors did anyway.) It’s nice that WWE has their own version of events, but there needs to be other sources presenting different perspectives.

Hopefully, Viceland will bring this series back for another season. Should they do so, I have seven magnificent ideas for episodes! I’ve left Chris Benoit & Dino Bravo off the list because they’ve reportedly shot things for episodes about those men.

7. The life & times of Kanyon

Chris Kanyon was a very solid wrestler in later-period WCW. Often one of the highlights of their programming. He did a lot of interesting things there, and was part of the crew that got picked up by WWE. It felt like he had the chance to do something big with his career…but it never happened. He washed out of WWE due to injuries, then accused them of firing him because he was gay. He later claimed he was working a publicity stunt, but things went downhill from there.

Kanyon couldn’t win a battle with bipolar disorder & depression. He ended up taking his life at the age of 40. His later years were a tragic tale that serve as a reminder of the struggles people face every day with mental health.

6. Sid Vicious vs. Arn Anderson

Arguably the most controversial & talked about fight between two wrestlers that wasn’t booked. Sid & Arn got into a verbal altercation at a bar in England during WCW’s European tour towards the end of 1993. Both men were calmed down & sent back to their hotel rooms, then Sid went to Arn’s room to settle the score. Sid attacked Arn & a pair of scissors became involved. Anderson was stabbed twenty times & Vicious four in the ensuing melee. Vicious won the fight, but ended up losing his job.

Now that Arn no longer works for WWE, he’d be free & clear to take part in something like this. He & Sid made up, and Sid has been more than willing to talk about the incident previously. It’s not quite as sexy a topic as the Bruiser Brody stabbing since nobody died, but it would still be interesting to re-live.

5. Chyna’s departure from WWE & later death

At one time, Chyna was at the center of one of wrestling’s most popular factions. She was in a serious relationship with top star Hunter Hearst Helmsly. She herself was a top star the likes of which the WWF hadn’t seen before. Then Triple H broke up with her & got with Stephanie McMahon, and Chyna’s life took a different road.

The later years of Joanie Laurer’s life definitely showcase the dark side of pro wrestling. A woman who from all accounts had a good head on her shoulders became a tragic story of drug addiction. Chyna was ignored by WWE for years, but finally was inducted into their Hall of Fame as part of D-Generation X. Her career deserves more exploration.

4. Jimmy Snuka probably killed somebody

The Superfly was one of the top stars of the early 1980s. People wouldn’t have been surprised to see him as a major world champion on top of a company for most of the decade. That didn’t happen. Instead, Snuka faded into the background and became best known as the guy that Roddy Piper hit with a coconut.

Why did that happen? Most people believe it was due to an incident that took place on May 10, 1983. Snuka called for an ambulance to help his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. She ended up dying from traumatic brain injuries. Snuka was considered the prime suspect, but charges weren’t pressed for over thirty years. Most people my age never even knew about this until Snuka was charged in 2015. It’s a compelling story that many haven’t heard.

3. WWF 1990s sex scandal

The WWF had a lot of issues to deal with in the early 1990s, pretty much every single one of them of their own doing. One of the most ugly affairs involved activities that Terry Garvin & Mel Phillips engaged in with younger men. Garvin forced himself on lower-card wrestlers while Phillips used his role as supervisor of the boys brought in to set up the ring to use them in ways better not discussed here.

Pat Patterson was also charged with sexual harassment as a part of all this. He left the WWF for a brief period of time, but was re-hired once the charges were dropped. The whole situation wasn’t good for the WWF, and the fact it was combined with steroid controversies at the same time put the company in serious danger. Fortunately for WWE, barely anybody remembers this stuff today.

2. George Zahorian

Steroids & WWF Superstars went together like peanut butter & jelly back in the 1980s & early 1990s. Hershey, Pennsylvania was a popular place for the wrestlers to obtain steroids, thanks to a friendly doctor by the name of George Zahorian who would sell them whatever they wanted. Zahorian was busted by the feds, who began cooperating and naming names. Vince McMahon ended up the subject of a trial that could have sent him to prison for years & put the WWF in serious jeopardy.

It didn’t. Vince got off & the company moved on after an eventful trial. It’s a trial worth re-living and a story worth telling for a generation that never heard of it, and for people that only ever heard one side of the story.

1. Death of Owen Hart

It’s been twenty years since that fateful night in Kansas City. There are many wrestling fans who were never alive while Owen Hart was. This seems as good a time as any to refresh some memories and introduce the story to a new audience. There is no shortage of people around to talk. Bret Hart & Mick Foley have already appeared on the series. We haven’t heard from Martha in awhile, and I don’t remember ever hearing anything from Owen & Martha’s kids.

Owen’s death was different from every other wrestling death. He didn’t commit suicide. There wasn’t any sort of physical illness involved. He didn’t die during a match. It was before a match, doing something that was only typical wrestling fare during the late 1990s. Of all the deaths, Owen’s was the most needless. It needs to be reintroduced to every generation of wrestling fans.

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