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Updated Ticket Sale Numbers For Upcoming WWE Events, Including Summerslam

May 24, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE SummerSlam 2024 in Cleveland Image Credit: WWE

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has updated ticket sale numbers for upcoming WWE events, including Summerslam in Cleveland on August 3. That event happens at Cleveland Browns Stadium and there are currently 45,835 tickets out. The venue can hold another 17,000.

RAW in Savannah, GA on May 27 has 5,785 tickets out.

Smackdown in Albany on May 31 has 6,269 tickets out.

A live event in White Plains, NY on June 1 has 4,097 tickets out. It will likely sell out.

A live event in Binghamton, NY on June 2 has 3,241 tickets out.

RAW in Hershey on June 3 has 8,320 tickets out. It will sell out.

Smackdown in Louisville on June 7 has 6,810 tickets left.

RAW in Toledo on June 10 has 6,752 tickets out.

Smackdown in Glasgow, Scotland on June 14 has 8,815 tickets out.

Clash at the Castle in Glasgow on June 15 has 10,015 tickets out. It will sell out.

RAW in Corpus Christi on June 17 has 7,195.

Smackdown in Chicago on June 21 has 11,810 tickets out. It will sell out.

A live event in Bloomington, IL on June 22 has 2,977 tickets out.

RAW in Indianapolis on June 24 has 8,411 tickets out.

RAW in Boston on July 1 has 7,656 tickets out.

Money in the Bank on July 6 in Toronto is nearly sold out with 16,616 tickets out.

RAW in Ottawa on July 8 has 6,307 tickets out.

Smackdown in Worcester on July 12 has 4,389 tickets out.

RAW in Dayton on July 15 has 4,991 tickets out.

Smackdown in Omaha on July 19 has 6,895 tickets out.

RAW in St. Paul on July 29 has 8,625 tickets out.

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