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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: PWG Sells Out – Volume 2 – Disc 2

August 25, 2015 | Posted by TJ Hawke
PWG Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: PWG Sells Out – Volume 2 – Disc 2  

PWG Sells Out 2 - The Best of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Volume 2


All Star Weekend
April 9, 2006

Roderick Strong vs. Matt Sydal

They had the exact kind of match you would expect these two to have. Roddy dominated the great majority of itwith Sydal teasing a comeback sporadically throughout the contest. Roddy tossed Sydal around and then would be an excellent base for his offense. Sydal eventually won clean with the Shooting Star Press. This was just excellent pro wrestling. (****)


Battle of Los Angeles
September 2, 2006

Super Dragon vs. Necro Butcher

The aspects of Super Dragon and Necro Butcher that make them great can also make them frustrating and disappointing. The excess of violence in their matches is sometimes used beautifully to produce a spectacle that few others are capable of. Sometimes it is just excess for the sake of excess, and it eventually has little to no meaning. Unfortunately, this match was a case of the latter. The match started out hot, and there were moments of absurd violence that certainly got my attention throughout the match (right up to and including the end). The match just did not work as a whole. Dragon won with a brutal Psycho Driver onto a chair. (**)


All Star Weekend
April 7, 2007

Alex Shelley vs. Kaz Hayashi

The disappointing aspect of this match to me was that they started the match telling a potentially cool story. Hayashi was going after a leg. Shelley was going after an arm. Then the match devolved into a “doing cool movez” match. That’s not the biggest sin in the world. It just teased a cool story, completely dropped it, and then did a much hollower match. Hayashi eventually won clean with the Final Cut. (**1/2)


All Star Weekend
April 8, 2007

Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki

Their ROH Fight Without Honor in 2002 was incredibly both for its quality and its introduction of Samoa Joe to the world of Ring of Honor. The fact that Joe went on to carry the company for the next two years gives that debut match even more significance. Unfortunately, this match was missing just about all the energy that their ROH match had. The physicality and passion from the wrestlers was there. If they condensed the action into a tighter package, they might have generated some emotion. Instead, this just felt there. A match between Samoa Joe and Low Ki should never feel that way. They should never be average, but that’s what this was. A major disappointment. (**3/4)


Giant-Sized Annual
July 29, 2007

Bryan Danielson vs. Necro Butcher

Just a very good and compact brawl. I liked how Bryan tried to make it a wrestling match but adapted to Necro’s game. He got the better of Necro that way and then ended up finishing with a combination of his finishers. This really made Bryan look very strong. (***3/4)


Battle of Los Angeles
September 2, 2007

Alex Shelley vs. Matt Sydal

This was a quarterfinal match in the 2007 BOLA. This was a lot of movez and nearfalls, but it worked for me. Shelley was in control for a while, but once Sydal saw an opening, he tried to put the match away as fast as possible. That’s a smart strategy for a tournament match. On top of that, it was quite enjoyable with a lively crowd. Thumbs up! (***1/2)


European Vacation
October 27, 2007

Kevin Steen & El Generico© vs. Super Dragon & Davey Richards [PWG Tag Team Championship]

The structure of this match will not surprise you. Generico gets destroyed for a long time. Steen eventually makes the hot tag. Generico gets back involved far too quickly considering the length of his beatdown. Then they finish the match off with a length back-and-forth sequence. Is that a bit cliche for indie wrestling? Absolutely. These four executed it well though, with the heat segment on Generico and the final minute or two being especially excellent. Those aspects carried the match enough to make this very, very good. Davey and Dragon retained clean after a SSP on Steen by Davey. (***3/4)


All Star Weekend
January 5, 2008

Bryan Danielson(c) vs. Low Ki [PWG World Championship]

Despite being overlong, I found the great majority of this match to be compelling and it had an absolutely killer finishing sequence. I think Low Ki’s style works better for sub-15 minute matches, but this match did not bore me as I feared it would. If they just cut out a portion towards the middle of the match where Ki’s comeback was not quite clicking, they would have had a really great match here. (***1/2)


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