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Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler Return on Smackdown, Align With King Corbin

December 4, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Smackdown King Corbin Wesley Blake Steve Cutler

Two of the Forgotten Sons are forgotten no more, as Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler returned to action on tonight’s episode of Smackdown to ally with King Corbin. On Friday’s episode, Blake and Cutler came out to aid Corbin in his match with Murphy. Corbin ended up picking up the win.

Blake and Cutler have been off TV since late May after Jaxson Ryker reportedly earned some serious heat in the company for posts he made on social media amid the social unrest in the country over George Floyd’s death. Soon after those posts, a 2019 post by Ryker saying that that people of color should watch 12 Years A Slave and “realize how good you all actually have it” was dug up which made the situation worse.

Blake and Cutler looked nothing like their old Forgotten Sons persona and Ryker was not mentioned, so it would seem for now that the stable is officially dead.