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WWE News: Cora Jade Says She’s ‘Leaving’ On NXT, Trick Williams Not Done With Ilja Dragunov

August 1, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Cora Jade WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

– Cora Jade appeared to bid NXT adieu, saying she’s “leaving” on this week’s show. Jade lost a kendo stick match to Dana Brooke on last week’s show and during Tuesday’s episode, she was backstage pissed in the women’s locker room. Jade said she’s done and losing to Brooke was the final straw, noting that she’s leaving. She said good luck to the women in the locker room, saying that’d need it without her.

– Earlier in the show, Trick Williams told Carmelo Hayes that he needed to be his own man and was not done with Ilja Dragunov after Dragunov took him out at NXT Great American Bash during the NXT Championship match. Williams told Hayes it wasn’t a break up, but said that he needed to show the world that he can do it on his own. Hayes accepted Williams’ point and they hugged.

At the end of the show, Dragunov said he’s glad Trick isn’t done with him because he’s not done with Trick and that he would begin his retribution next week.