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East Side Games Designer Says Excalibur Helped Get AEW Rise To the Top Made

January 18, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Rise to the Top Image Credit: Eastside Games

East Side Games’ Lead Narrative Designer Jamie Henwood recently revealed how Excalibur was a connection to getting AEW Rise To the Top made. Henwood was a guest on AEW Unrestricted to discuss the mobile game, and he noted that Excalibur had a personal connection that allowed the company to reach out to AEW.

“So the interesting thing, East Side Games makes these idle games and we usually work with a partner and we make four of the games in studio,” Henwood said (per Fightful). “Well, there’s about four games that we make with an outside partner and it results in a IP game and that’s what AEW [Rise To The Top] is. We work with this wicked company named Game Masons, they’re our developers, they’re the ones that are making the game that we’re asking them to make essentially.”

She continued, “So Matt was our connection with AEW, I don’t remember all the details but I remember through someone in his family, he knew Excalibur. I know it was Excalibur and Matt that originally got it going, and we had worked with Matt on one of his mini golf games. So when he knew that AEW was potentially interested in the game, he knew that he wanted to build it with East Side Games and the idle type just fit so well with the IP, yeah that’s how it came about.”

AEW Rise to the Top is now available on Google Play and iOS. You can find out more here.