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411’s Ultimate Fighter 28 Heavy Hitters Report 11.28.18

November 28, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Ultimate Fighter 28 Heavy Hitters

411’s Larry Csonka checks in with his Ultimate Fighter 28: Heavy Hitters report, with Leah Letson vs. Macy Chiasson in a semifinal bout.

The Ultimate Fighter 28: Heavy Hitters Episode 12
INTRODUCTION: Season 28 of the Ultimate Fighter is here. This season will feature women’s featherweights and men’s heavyweights divisions, and the coaches are current UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker battling against title contender and former middleweight The Ultimate Fighter 17 winner Kelvin Gastelum. LAST WEEK, Juan Francisco Espino Diepa (8-1, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF) vs. Maurice Greene (5-2 MMA, 1-0 TUF) via RD1 submission. This week, Leah Letson (4-1 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF) vs. Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 1-0 TUF)

– Letson watches fight tape of Macy with Whittaker with the coaching team. Letson says she feels comfortable striking, especially if she can keep distance. Team Gastelum now plays dodge ball, since they take no days off, and work so hard. Most of them are horrible at it.

– Back to Letson training, she feels she needs to mix up her game from her last fight. Her first fight was more ground based, but she has KO power and wants to keep this one standing. We transition to Macy watching film on her last fight. They watch no film on Letson. Macy trains now, and says she feels confident. Gastelum says Letson isn’t great anywhere, but will have to be put down because there’s no quit in her.

– Anderson Da Silva has been holding pads and helping Letson out at the house. Gastelum brings in Ilir Latifi to work wrestling with the tam, and specifically Macy. Macy then gets frustrated and had a breakdown, she’s stressed and just wants to fight.

– Back at the house and Macy is working on cutting weight. As you’d expect, she’s in a mood. Gastelum is there to support and help her. They had to escort Letson out because she was bothering Macy. Letson felt bad about it; Macy is having a hard weight cut.

WEIGH-INS: Letson (145), Chiasson (146.25) on the first try. They cover her up and she strips down. On the second try, she’s 146 and good to go.

– Gastelum takes the team for Korean BBQ, the food looked amazing. Special guest Henry Cejudo joins them for dinner. He gives the team a big pep talk.

– We get the usual pre-fight prep.

Leah Letson (4-1 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 1-0 TUF) vs. Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 1-0 TUF): ROUND ONE: This is the final fight in the TUF Gym. Letson has the MMA experience advantage, everything else is virtually identical. They come out, trading leg kicks, and then circle a lot. Letson starts landing, Macy backs her off and then slips. Back up and they work to the cage. Letson pressures, Macy takes her down, Letson back up ad Macy lays in strikes and kicks along the cage. Macy drops her, lays in more strikes, and then a flurry of knees and the re fwaves it off. Domination. OFFICIAL DECISION: Macy Chiasson via RD1 TKO

– Letson is devastated, as Dana White says he’s seen the best fall to stuff like that. It’s ok, because Letson was already under UFC contract.


* Heavyweight Finals: Justin Frazier (10-2 MMA, 2-0 TUF) vs. Juan Francisco Espino Diepa (8-1, 2-0 TUF)
* Featherweight Final: Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 2-0 TUF) vs. Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 1-0 TUF).


* HW: Juan Francisco Espino Diepa (8-1, 0-0 TUF, 2-0 TUF)
* HW: Michel Batista (4-0 MMA, 1-1 TUF)
* FW: Julija Stoliarenko (4-2-1 MMA, 1-1 TUF)
* FW: Leah Letson (4-1 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 1-1 TUF)
* HW: Anderson Da Silva (3-0-1 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* HW: Przemyslaw Mysiala (22-9-1 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Katharina Lehner (7-1 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Larissa Pacheco (11-2 MMA, 0-1 TUF)


* HW: Justin Frazier (10-2 MMA, 2-0 TUF)
* FW: Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 2-0 TUF)
* FW: Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 2-0 TUF)
* HW: Maurice Greene (5-2 MMA, 1-1 TUF)
* HW: Josh Parisian (7-2 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Marciea Allen (7-2 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* FW: Bea Malecki (2-0 MMA, 0-1 TUF)
* HW: Ben Sosoli (6-2 MMA, 0-0 TUF, 0-1 TUF)

– End Scene.

– Another season comes to a close, thanks for reading and following along.

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