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Alex Perez Was Mad About UFC Fight Night 123 Being Moved to Bantamweight

December 11, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Alex Perez spoke with MMAjunkie after his win over Carls John de Tomas at UFC Fight Night 123 about the fight being at bantamweight and more. Highlights are below:

On his fight with do Tomas being moved to bantamweight when it was initially flyweight: “I was kind of mad. CSAC doesn’t know how much it costs to get a nutritionist. I pay a nutritionist to help me get down the weight. That’s money out of my pocket. And then to tell me the week of that he can’t make it? They need to do a better job at checking. I came in at at 139 (pounds). The morning they told me, I was 137. An 11-pound cut to 125 does nothing – still eating three to four times a day, drinking a gallon, a gallon-and-a-half of water. They’re punishing the guy that did their job, and I felt like it was unfair. I didn’t get no percentage to move to a weight class up. He came in a lot bigger than me. I came in at 143, (and) we ate a lot last night.”

On the CSAC not being concerned about his health: “It felt like they weren’t worried about my safety. They were worried about the other guy’s safety, but they weren’t worried about my safety. I could have got really hurt if the guy were to connect or something. He might have come in above 160. Who knows?…I don’t think it was fair. At least make it a catchweight. I did my work outside of camp, and I got down. It’s not my fault that he got sick. Whatever happened on him, that’s on him. I didn’t get nothing out of it. The guy actually got something out of it: He actually got to be healthy.”

On the win: “It’s amazing. It was destined to be. I got signed, also them having a show in Fresno. It couldn’t be any better.”