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Dana White Says Anderson Silva PED Issues Won’t Keep Him Out of the UFC Hall of Fame

February 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Anderson Silva UFC

TMZ Sports recently spoke to UFC President Dana White, who discussed this weekend’s middleweight co-main event between Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya. You can check out a video and some highlights of the chat below. Anderson Silva faces Israel Adesanya on Saturday at UFC 234 in Australia.

Dana White on Anderson Silva still wanting to fight for the title: “What I love about Anderson Silva — if you look at his entire career, all the things that he’s done and accomplished — the guy still wants to take a run at that title. I love that. Why are you here unless you want to be the best in the world and continue to win world titles? I love it. I’m excited about that fight. And obviously, Israel Adesanya, undefeated. 15-0. Anderson Silva said he always wanted to fight a guy who was just like him. Well, he got him. Israel Adesanya is unbelievable.”

On Anderson Silva’s PED usage affect his Hall of Fame status: “No. There have been guys who have made mistakes here. It happens. He paid the penalty. He paid the price for it. He sat out his suspension. He did all the stuff he needed to do, and now he’s back. — [He’s going into the Hall of fame] 110%.”