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Chael Sonnen Isn’t Certain That Tito Ortiz vs. Alberto El Patron Will Be Legit

October 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alberto El Patron

Chael Sonnen is trying to cast a bit of doubt over whether Alberto El Patron’s Combate Americas fight with Tito Ortiz will be a legit fight. Sonnen spoke with the Swings & Mrs. show about the fight, which is scheduled for December 7th, and cited El Patron’s wrestling history as he said that he doesn’t know whether it will be the real thing

“Well, and I don’t know if they’re doing a fight, or doing a wrestling match,” Sonnen said. “I know they’re calling it a fight, but what I’m suggesting for you ahead of time, I think it’s what we call a work. Which is where everybody’s in on the gag, and you have a plan, you go out there, you finish up when the finish is supposed to come. But I only say that because of Del Rio’s history. Del Rio is actually a legitimate tough guy. However, he’s only done one MMA fight and he did it in Japan, it was a worked match, he did it under a wrestling match. So to make believe that he is going to come out our even be licensed to come out against someone with Tito’s experience, I think is a little naive.”

In fairness, Sonnen’s information isn’t acccurate. El Patron has actually competed several times in MMA fights, with a 9 – 5 record. He last fought in 2010 for Cage of Combat in a loss to Yamamoto Hanshi. You can listen to the full video below: