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Conor McGregor Agrees to Be Diego Sanchez’s Final UFC Fight

September 26, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Conor McGregor EA UFC 3

Conor McGregor has heard Diego Sanchez’s wish for a final fight with him, and is down for such a proposition. McGregor took to the internet to respond to an interview by Sanchez during UFC 253 media day (per MMA Weekly) in which Sanchez expressed a wish for “legend fights” in his final four fights. Sanchez named Nick Diaz and McGregor as fights he wanted to shoot for, noting that “Conor McGregor is the number four fight…I envision myself dominating these next three fights and finishing my career with a fight with Conor McGregor. That’s my dream. That’s my vision. As I build my legacy and his does what his does, I’ll be waiting if he wants to do it at the end of the road.”

McGregor posted to Twitter to accept the idea, as you can see below:

“To Diego Sanchez…
I seen your recent comments about your final bout and I am in!
After you fought Pereira, I had requested for myself and you to compete in Dublin. This was back in February when I was working on opposition for my season, pre covid.
Good luck this weekend!”

It should be noted, McGregor has made a habit of “accepting” matchups or retiring on Twitter. So, him saying this is no guarantee of a fight with Diego Sanchez happening.