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Rashad Evans Talks About Dealing With A Losing Streak

March 20, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Rashad Evans

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Rashad Evans spoke about how he dealt with going three years without a win. His most recent loss was a decision to Dan Kelly at UFC 209. It’s his third loss in a row and his fifth loss in his past seven fights. Four of those were decisions. Here are highlights:

On dealing with a losing streak: “At the end of the day, you fight long enough, you will lose, you will have a setback. No matter what you do in life, you’re going to have a setback, you’re going to have a bad day. Its just the process of life or anything you put your time into. I’m no exception to it.”

On the shock of losing: “For the longest time, I didn’t lose. I didn’t lose until I fought Machida. And I pretty much spoiled my family and everyone who supported me or was a fan of me, because I never lost, but I never had to deal with it, it just becomes yeah, Rashad must be good in his life. Then when I lose, its like, I’m doing terrible, something’s gone wrong. People think if I lose a fight, there must be something terribly wrong with a fight, now it’s about fighting anymore, now it’s life advice. It’s crazy to me.”

On how the losses affect him: “Whenever I go to camp and do everything to make sure I can compete in the Octagon, I’m denying myself a lot, and then I say to myself to make it easier, when I win this fight then I can enjoy myself. Then when I don’t win the fight I can’t forgive myself enough to enjoy myself. I just wasted my time. I give a little bit of depression. Then you gotta pull yourself out of it, it really is hard. I’ve gotten better at losing, I haven’t won in awhile, but it’s still a process. I give myself a couple days to grieve over it and get to work.”

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