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Thiago Tavares’ Manager Says Fighter Will Appeal PFL 2 Loss

June 23, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Thiago Tavares

Fighter manager Alex Davis spoke to MMAjunkie after PFL 2. He discussed the controversial loss for Thiago Tavares, Davis’ client, to Robert Watley and how Thavares wants to appeal the defeat.

Davis on Thiago Tavares: “Thiago Tavares stepped into the PFL cage this past Thursday to take his chance at $1 million. Thiago is a very experienced vet who fought for the UFC for over 10 years, a feat in itself. He is also one of the most exciting fighters to step in there. In the second round, Thiago caught a very hard kick in the groin and was unable to continue in the fight. Somehow, the ensuing result was a loss by TKO. We will need to resuscitate Einstein in order to explain how this is possible. How can a fighter lose a fight by TKO by way of illegal blow? It’s simply bizarre!”

Davis on how the result was ridiculous: “This is nothing short of ridiculous. Now could someone explain to us why a blow to the groin is not illegal if it’s accidental? Something here is not adding up. If it was accidental, but hit the groin, how could it be a win by TKO? And how in the world is someone going to determine if it was accidental or not? ‘Oops, sorry! My bad. I didn’t really mean to kick you in the balls, but since I did, I win!’”

Davis on why he’s upset: “These boys are fighting for high stakes – in this case $1 million dollars. It’s completely nuts that anyone could suffer a loss like this, in this way. To me this is a perfect example of the problems we constantly run into with state athletic commissions. Some of them are run by very well-meaning people, but whoever wrote this rule should leave MMA and get involved in ballroom dancing. Thiago will appeal, but who knows if the commission will even accept the appeal. This rule of the Illinois State Athletic Commission needs to be erased, for the good of anyone fighting in the great state of Illinois. The result of this fight should be a no contest due to fighter not being able to continue because of an illegal blow. Nothing short of this is acceptable.”

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