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411 Box Office Report: Argylle Stays On Top In Quiet Weekend, Lisa Frankenstein Falls Short

February 11, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
ARGYLLE Image Credit: Peter Mountain/Universal, Apple Original Films, MARV

The box office barely made a peep over Super Bowl weekend, leaving Argylle with its second frame at #1. Apple Original Films’ action comedy from Matthew Vaughn dropped a hefty 63% but still lead the way with $6.5 million. That’s the lowest #1 for a weekend since September of 2022 when Top Gun Maverick led the way in its 15th weekend with $6 million.

The Super Bowl is never a good weekend for the box office, though it was hit especially hard this year. The total gross at the box office this weekend was $37.1 million, down from last year’s $52.6 million and the worst overall weekend for the box office since the May 23rd, 2021 weekend took in $20.2 million as the box office was just beginning to open up from pandemic lockdowns. Argylle was able to benefit from the lack of major competition to push its totals to $28.8 million domestically and $60.1 million worldwide. Those numbers are not encouraging for a $200 million-budgeted movie, but again Apple doesn’t worry as much about loss-profit for these big budget box office films. The film is looking likely to end its domestic run at around $45 million, which is still a disappointing result no matter how you slice it.

Speaking of disappointing runs, Lisa Frankenstein was the sole new wide release and it opened with a bit of a thud. The Zelda Williams-directed teen horror comedy grossed just $3.8 million, well below the high single digits it was hoped for going into the weekend. That’s not a great start to say the least for this film, which was targeting young women and indie audiences but failed to break through.

Lisa Frankenstein looked good on paper. It had a popular cast in Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton, the conceit was quirky-charming, and the trailer gained some traction when it was released. However, it never failed to bring in those audiences and the lukewarm 49% aggregated score on Rotten Tomatoes didn’t help it build any buzz. Those who have seen it have generally been okay on it with a B CinemaScore and an 82% RT audience average, but those won’t help it as much if people don’t go to see it in the first place.

It should be said that by no means is this a disaster. The film, which Focus Features distributed domestically, cost just $13 million to make. And it may well get its numbers goosed when it starts to roll out internationally. But as it stands, this is a disappointment with a likely $8 million to $10 million domestic final and the hope that it hits once it arrives on digital & home video.

The Beekeeper kept its strong run going, as the action thriller was down just 34% in its fifth weekend to $3.5 million. The film has hit $54.7 million domestically and $133.9 million worldwide, fantastic numbers for a midbudget flick. The Jason Statham starrer is still looking like it will end its run with around $60 million stateside, a number that Amazon-MGM will be quite happy with.

The Chosen: Season 4 Episodes 1-3 took advantage of the anemic to post a pretty solid hold. Fathom Events’ release of the faith-based drama episodes eased 42% in its second weekend to $3.2 million, far better than the 82% drop that the last set of episodes suffered in November of 2022. The film has now totaled $12.6 million domestically and won’t get much higher, as it is leaving theaters on Thursday to make way for Episodes 4 – 6 on Friday but is already a profitable venture.

Wonka was down 33% in its ninth weekend to gross $3.1 million. The Timothee Chalamet-led film continues to soar with $205.3 million domestically and $587.6 million worldwide, huge against a $125 million budget. The film has its sights set on $210 million by the end of its North American run and could easily pass $600 million worldwide.

Migration also continues to deliver, down 28% to $3 million. Illumination’s family film is now at $110.1 million and $235.2 million worldwide, a hit against a $72 million budget. Its final domestic total looks to be around $118 million or so, which its studios are quite pleased with

Anyone But You remains the little romcom that could, down just 22% to $2.7 million for the best hold in the top 10. The Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney flick has totaled $80.1 million stateside and $170.1 million worldwide against a budget of just $25 million. It is likely to finish out around $85 million or more.

Mean Girls was down 50% in its fifth weekend to $1.9 million. The musical comedy has fetched its way to $69.2 million domestically and $97.8 million worldwide on a $36 million budget, a profitable venture for Paramount with a likely final domestic tally of $75 million.

A 2021 release found its way into the top 10 as Dune re-entered theaters to bring in $1.7 million. The sci-fi epic got a re-release from Warner Bros. to build hype for Dune: Part 2 which arrives next month, and it paid off. This brings the Denis Villenueve film to $110 million domestically and $392.9 million worldwide total.

American Fiction closed out the top 10 with $1.3 million, down 45% from the previous frame. The Oscar contender has now grossed $17.4 million domestically and $17.9 million worldwide, about where it should be as hit heads into Oscar season and fine for movie that cost less than $10 million to make. It is still looking at a $20 million domestic final.

Next weekend will see Madame Web lead the way, as the Sony Spider-Man Universe film opens on Wednesday and targets a three-day opening weekend of around $20 million. Also opening on Wednesday are Bob Marley: One Love with an expected weekend total of $16 million or so, and The Chosen: Season 4 Episodes 4 – 6 in the mid-single digits.

BOX OFFICE TOP TEN (Three-Day Domestic Numbers)
1. Argylle – $6.5 million ($28.8 million total, $60.1 million WW)
2. Lisa Frankenstein – $3.8 million ($3.8 million total, $3.8 million WW)
3. The Beekeeper – $3.5 million ($54.7 million total, $133.95 million WW)
4. The Chosen Season 4: Episodes 1 to 3 – $3.2 million ($12.6 million total, $12.6 million WW)
5. Wonka – $3.1 million ($205.3 million total, $587.6 million WW)
6. Migration – $3 million ($110.1 million total, $235.2 million WW)
7. Anyone But You – $2.7 million ($80.1 million total, $170.1 million WW)
8. Mean Girls – $1.9 million ($69.2 million total, $97.8 million WW)
9. Dune – $1.7 million ($110 million total, $392.9 million WW)
10. American Fiction – $1.3 million ($17.4 million total, $17.9 million WW)