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Captain Marvel Directors Explain Reason For Skrulls Twist

June 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Captain Marvel Skrulls

The directors for Captain Marvel have discussed the plot twist involving the Skrulls in the MCU film. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck spoke in the DVD commentary track (per about what they chose to have the Skrulls ultimately turn out to be victims of the interstellar war Carol gets caught up in, and not the villains.

Speaking about the scene in which the Skrulls are revealed not to be tbe bad guys, Boden said, “Carol finds her humanity in that scene and we really see the humanity of the Skrulls in this scene, and it’s like these pointy-eared, weird looking, shape-shifting aliens that we assumed were the villains for the first half of the film and to open up our hearts and see that they have families and they care about the same things that we care about. That was one of the really exciting things about this movie us and Jonathan Schwartz and Kevin Feige and Lou (D’Esposito) and Victoria (Alonso) and Geneva (Robertson-Dworet), who we’re writing with, all got really excited about [it] and really wanted to bring to this movie. Taking these Skrulls who’re like the villains from the comics and being able to see another side of them, and then her reckoning with warring with these people who she didn’t understand and was fighting on the wrong side of the war.”

The MCU film is now available on home video.