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Godzilla Minus One Becomes Top-Grossing Live-Action Japanese Film In North America

December 8, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Godzilla Minus One Image Credit: TOHO International

Godzilla Minus One has reached a new milestone for live-action Japanese films, becoming the highest-grossing such film in North America. The Toho production has grossed $17 million in the US as of Thursday, making it the highest grosser in the US & Canada for live-action films from Japan.

The previous record-holder was 1989’s Adventures of Milo & Otis, which grossed $13.3 million domestically for its edited US release. There are much higher-grossing films from Japan, but they are all animated films.

Godzilla Minus One has added $23 million overseas thus far for $40 million worldwide. It is expected to add another $6.4 million this weekend for a Sunday-ending projected domestic gross of $23.4 million.