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James Gunn Denies Green Lantern HBO Max Series Is Scrapped

December 26, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
John Stewart Green Lantern Image Credit: DC Comics

James Gunn has shooting down rumors about his plans for DC Studios, the latest being the notion that the Green Lantern HBO Max series has been canceled. There was a report floating around that the planned series, which was being revamped to center on John Stewart, had been cancelled and that a film featuring Green Lantern was in the works. However, Gunn took to Twitter to shoot down that report quite succinctly.

In addition, ScreenRant reporter Andy Behbakht had corroborated the news before Gunn spoke out to shoot down the rumor, writing:

“Yeah I can go ahead and debunk this already as I was in communication with HBO Max and WBTV last week about the #GreenLantern TV show: there have not been any changes made as the show is still in development.”

Gunn has been busy working with Peter Safran to put together a new, more cohesive vision for the DCU on film, which includes a new Superman film that will not star Henry Cavill, no Black Adam film for at least the “first chapter,” and announcements expected next month.